Help Your Teen Start a Business—and a Life

Risepreneur teaches your teen business and life skills while they are still in high school.

Know what famous entrepreneurs Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson have in common? They each overcame difficult teenage years to become entrepreneurs—with the help of mentors.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was suspended from high school multiple times. “Queen of all media” Oprah Winfrey was so poor as a child that she wore dresses made of potato sacks. British entrepreneur Richard Branson was dyslexic and dropped out of school at age 16.

Yet all three of these famous entrepreneurs went on to become business owners and billionaires, thanks to mentors who believed in them. Mentors who taught them the business skills and life skills they needed to succeed in life.

Risepreneur does the same for your teen.

The School of Hard Knocks. Without the Knocks.

We teach your teen how to build their inner strength and confidence, helping them remain positive, face their challenges head on, believe in themselves, and live a bigger life.

Proven Curriculum

12 stages to thinking and acting like an entrepreneur, taught by entrepreneurs


Our hand-picked mentors work one-on-one with your teen

Live Coaching

Group coaching calls support your teen and build their confidence

Exclusive Forum

Your teen meets like-minded students for support and to share ideas

Guest Entrepreneurs

Your teen learns business and life lessons from today’s business leaders


Conveniently delivered online as on-demand video lessons, with homework


Monitor your teen’s progress and status throughout the course

Parental Involvement

You support and bond with your teen by helping with homework assignments

Help Your Teen Start a Business—and a Life

Give your teen the training, mentoring and support they need to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship.

Help Your Teen Learn How to Rise Up When They Fall

Life comes with knocks and bruises. Risepreneur helps your teen develop confidence, believe in themselves, discover their potential, create their personal vision for a bigger life, develop a positive attitude, and gain the drive to make their dreams happen. Risepreneur provides the foundation for lifetime achievement and success while your teen is still in high school. And supports them after graduation as they start their journey in life.

About Risepreneur

Risepreneur Inc. is an online course and community that teaches your teenager how to think and act like a successful entrepreneur. Our core product is our proprietary Risepreneur curriculum, which teaches the 10 vital steps to entrepreneurship.

Your teen learns about mindset and productivity, goal setting, business basics, finance, marketing, sales, operations & production, systems, human resources and more. All taught through stimulating, on-demand video lessons, retained through homework assignments, and enforced by one-on-one coaching by our mentors.

Entrepreneurship, Taught by an Entrepreneur

Risepreneur was founded by Boruch Akbosh. Boruch arrived in New York in 1992 as a refugee. He was 16 years old, poor, spoke no English, and hated his new country. Yet Boruch overcame these setbacks to become a successful entrepreneur, business owner and life coach. Today, Boruch and his team of coaches and mentors pass on to teenagers like yours the business skills and life lessons that Boruch learned the hard way.

Read more about our founder and chief mentor.

Help Your Teen Start a Business—and a Life

Give your teen the training, mentoring and support they need to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship.