About Us

Risepreneur is a course, a community and a coaching program that teaches high schoolers business skills and life skills. All delivered online and paid for with a low monthly membership fee.

At Risepreneur, we believe that all teens have an entrepreneurial spirit, but that this spirit is seldom realized. That's because most teens lack the tools and supportive environment for their entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. Risepreneur provides a supportive and creative environment for all teens to explore their entrepreneurial spirit. We help them see the bigger picture, become self-confident, lifelong learners, tap into a growth mindset and become self-driven.


To create and deliver innovative entrepreneurship educational products that improve the lives of teens who are striving to become better, to be more, and to live positive, balanced lives.


Empower teens globally through entrepreneurial education to reach self-actualization, to have a positive impact upon their lives and the world.

Core Values

Education: I always observe and learn from everything I see or experience.

Balance: I strive to have a balanced approach to life.

Commitment: I do everything with 100% commitment.

Responsibility: I am responsible for everything that I have in my life.

Focus: I maintain a positive focus in life no matter what is going on around me.

Integrity: I do what is right because it's right.

Communication: I strive to clearly communicate my message to others.

Compassion: I embrace others without judgment and am truly present with them.

Abundance: I allow abundance in all areas of life.

Gratitude: I strive to be a truly humble and a grateful person.


Our Chief Executive Officer, Boruch "Boris" Akbosh, founded the company in 2018. Boruch created Risepreneur to help teens develop confidence and belief in themselves, discover their potential and create their personal vision for a bigger life. Boruch believes teenagers can face and overcome their challenges. That's why Risepreneur gives today's teens the foundation for

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Risepreneur, Inc. is a Florida corporation and is headquartered in Ormond Beach, Florida, and delivers its training, coaching and mentoring to teenagers across the United States.

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