Meet Our Founder

Boruch Akbosh, Chief Executive Officer

The public press is filled with the challenges today’s teens are facing, including lack of self-esteem, negative body image, bullying, stress and depression, addictions, teen pregnancy, peer pressure and eating disorders. These challenges affect teens across all socioeconomic classes, from poor to affluent. Boruch Akbosh created Risepreneur to help teens develop confidence and belief in themselves, discover their potential, create their personal vision for a bigger life, emphasize a positive attitude, and to instill in them the drive to make it happen. With that positive and solid foundation, and the right support, Mr. Akbosh believes teens can successfully face and overcome their challenges. Risepreneur provides that foundation for lifetime achievement and success in today’s teens and supports them at the beginning of their journey.

Boruch Akbosh comes from a place of understanding and experience. His family immigrated to the United States when he was 16 years old. As a refugee in New York, Mr. Akbosh could not speak English and he knew nothing about the American culture. He had no friends, his family was poor, and he hated his new country. He did not fit in and was intimidated by peer pressure.

Boruch Akbosh overcame his challenges through hard work and education, and advanced professionally from programmer to manager to business owner. With a family of his own now, he knew the time had come to use his experience to help other teens so they could avoid some of the mistakes he had made. In his own words:
In 2018, I was driven to found Risepreneur and work with teens who want to change their lives but are afraid or simply don’t know how. Why? Looking back, the challenges I faced at age 16 seemed impossible. They were not. I have been able to change my mindset and overcome the financial difficulties I have faced in life. I learned to see things other people do not see. I understand the value of being optimistic, motivated, and believing in myself, even when it makes no sense logically. I want to share how to build that inner strength and confidence with today’s kids, helping them remain positive, face their challenges head on, believe in themselves, and inspire them to live a bigger life.

Today’s teens are hooked on technology, iPads, smartphones and social media at an early age. They also need to have experiences beyond the cyber world and go climb a tree, see nature first-hand, live life with human interaction.
I want to help them discover their potential by merging technology and “hands on” experiences. I created Risepreneur, an online platform, with live, online meetings. Our curriculum will show success stories of other teens who have succeeded, and how they did it. Our curriculum will also challenge them to have experiences outside the classroom... to go climb that tree.

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