Vision and Mission


Empower teens globally through entrepreneurial education to reach self-actualization, to have a positive impact upon their lives and the world.


To create and deliver innovative entrepreneurship educational products that improve the lives of teens who are striving to become better, to be more, and to live positive, balanced lives.

We do this by creating an entrepreneur community that supports and guides teens through the study of entrepreneurship based upon Risepreneur’s 14 Core Values.

Teens work with Risepreneur mentors to build life skills and learn how to start their own business while in high school. Since not all teens will start a business, we give our students a deeper understanding of core business skills and how the disciplines work together. This leads to their success, regardless of their career path.

Help Your Teen Start a Business—and a Life

Give your teen the training, mentoring and support they need to pursue their dreams of entrepreneurship.