Before Asking Someone For Advice

Hello there, Alex Szinegh here. I call this session Wisdom from Beyond the Grave, and you say to yourself, “wow, we gonna talk about success “and you’re gonna talk about the grave?”

Well, what I’m gonna be talking about is the wisdom that comes, sometimes we don’t listen to it, and it comes from my dad.

My father was a very hard working man. And as a kid, he used to tell me a whole bunch of different things on how I should run my life. And giving me all kinds of advice, and you know what happened is? We didn’t listen to it. You go, “wow what does he know? “I’m smarter than that.”

And as I was getting older, I was always looking for advice from friends. But the true reality is that, it’s not advice. It became opinions. Because I was going to people and asking them for advice that never been there.

I read a really interesting quote the other day. It said “Most people are like travel agents. They send other people to places they have never been.” In other words, they give you advice, which is not really advice. An opinion about something they never experienced, and in this quote it said, “become a tour guide.”

In other words, take people to places that you’ve been, and you can explain, and you can give your opinion, and you can help them.

Well, that’s what this series is gonna be about. It’s gonna be about talking about the journey. The journey as a young child, as a teenager, and especially being a teenager. Because what we want to do is we wanna impact your life.

We wanna give you ideas about what you could look at, what you should look at, and some of the things that maybe your folks are already telling you. Your mother and father are telling you, but you’re not listening.

And the reason I know that is because, me personally have four children. And a lot of times when they hit those teenage years, I discovered how stupid I was. I didn’t know anything, it seemed like as far as they were concerned, I didn’t know anything.

So, what I’m hoping to do with this series is to let you know and give you advice. And give you ideas about things that you could potentially do to change your life, because this is all about you.

I’ve already gone through the journey. My friends and associates that I work with, they have all gone through the journey. We all have bumped our heads and scraped our knees and did all the things. And the best way to learn is, well, actually there’s two ways to learn. One way to learn is from your own experiences, and the other one is from the experience of others.

So, my thoughts here is that you don’t need to have all the pain. You don’t need to have all the difficulty. You don’t need to bang your head as many times. You don’t need to fall down as many times as I have in the past. Many years. I won’t even name the number of years, but I’ve experienced it all.

So, what I would like to do is to impart some ideas and thoughts that you may consider and ponder, that could impact your life. That could make a difference, make a shift, make a change for you, that you’re looking for.

Because sometimes, the best advice comes from outside the home, because you’re just way too close to the fire. And the reason I know that is because when I talk to my kids, sometimes they would go somewhere and come back and go, “wow Dad, oh, I talked to this person and they had this incredible idea”. And I’m thinking to myself, I’ve been telling you that for years.

So, hopefully this series of information that we’re gonna be telling you, you’re going to take it to heart. We’re gonna chunk it down into little edible bites. We’re going to give you bits and pieces so that you can really truly apply it.

This is not gonna be theory, this is gonna be application. So I hope you’re gonna listen to this very carefully, and gonna watch the whole program, and watch it and re-watch it so it sinks in.

Anyways, this is Alex Szinegh, so get ready for the ride of your life.

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