Before Choosing A Career

Hello there, Alex here again.

You know, with a little bit more wisdom from beyond the grave so to speak. Actually, this I learned from somebody else, not my daddy, however, I know that my dad would agree with this.

Many years ago, I met a gentleman, and he talked to me about business. And this gentleman’s name was Robert Kiyosaki. You might of heard of him.

He wrote a very successful book called Rich Dad Poor Dad, and I read a lot. I read hundreds and hundreds, maybe even thousands of books at least.

When I was moving, I saw the books I had. I had them in boxes, the ones I finished reading. And I ended up donating to the library.

But I want to make a point, because I learned something very valuable from Robert. And what he talks about is it’s called the Cashflow Quadrant. And I just want you to think about this subject and ponder it. There is four positions, four areas that you could be in.

Number one, you could be an employee, where you trade your time for money. They tell you what to do. You have a regiment at a specific time. You go to work, they tell you when to go on vacation. They tell you when to take a break. They tell you when to come and when to go home. So they have very specific things that they want you to do.

So, that’s level number one. Then, what happens is that you might want to become a little bit of an entrepreneur and want to have kind of like your own little business.
But you’re a one-man show, a one-man band, and you’re still trading your time for money. But you may have studied accounting or business of some sort. You could be a great baker, you know, when you’re working somewhere. You know, you could be working on a contract basis. But you’re still trading time for money.

And then, there’s another level, the third level, which is a business owner. And this is the exciting part. To me, this is where you really become a success. And this is where you can really leverage yourself.

J. Paul Getty said, “I would rather have 1% of the effort of 100 people than a 100% of my own effort,” because that way you leverage yourself.

So, you’re a business owner. That’s where you have a business and you have other people working with you and for you. And you make a little bit on everybody. And that way you leverage your time. You have more freedom, you have more write offs. You have, you’re just able to do a lot more, and you can create a lot more money for yourself and success and for your family.

And then the fourth level is the investor level. That’s when you had a business, you made a lot of money, and you’re investing your money. And now, your money’s working for you.

So, you’re actually making money while you’re sleeping. And I love that, you know, sometimes. You know, in the middle of the night, I hear a little noise. It goes ka-ching! I can hear my cash register ringing, because I’m making money on the money that I made and invested.

So, as an individual right now you’re thinking about, you know, whether you’re in school, you’re out of school, or you’re thinking about going to college, or wherever you’re thinking about.

My opinion and my advice to you is this: you want to shoot for number four, obviously. You may have to go through one, two, and three first.

However, I think your target should be number three. Your target should be owning your own business where you create your own destiny, you control your own time, you create and control your income. And you’re absolutely responsible for everything that happens to you.

And in that event, and here’s the reason why, because somebody said this to me. On a job, they only pay you enough so you don’t quit because you only work hard enough so they don’t fire you.

In other words, somebody else is controlling your future. So I want you to really really think about owning your own business. And that’s what this whole program is about. It’s helping you to become an entrepreneur, be in control of your life, your income, and your future.

We have a whole bunch of really cool information to share with you. I look forward to talking to you on an ongoing basis. So remember, you are an entrepreneur, and that’s what you should be shooting for.

This is Alex, talk to you soon.

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