Before Deciding To Stay In Comfort Zone

Hi everyone. This is Boruch Akbosh.

Not long ago I learned something about lobsters that I never knew. Here it is.

Lobsters, if you know, they have a shell, and that shell doesn’t grow. So lobster produces that shell and waits until it becomes not so comfortable inside of it. Because the body grows but the shell doesn’t. He protects himself from predators by hiding until that shell is thick enough and he’s ready to come out into open again.

So what do we learn from that? That in life we are placed in discomfort on purpose, so we would shed that shell, throw away the current situation and change things for us.

But a lot of us, even though it’s painful, we fight and don’t wanna get out of that comfort zone. And we say we’re not comfortable, with the reality we learn to live with that pain.

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