Before Establishing A Habit

Hi, everyone. This is Boruch Akbosh.

You know, in life, everything is cause and effect and to bring out my point, I want to share with you a story. In this story, a sage is walking and passing by a field. He’s passing by a field of onions. He see how beautiful and rich the harvest could be and next to the field he noticed a farmer who was crying. And he was crying so bitterly.

So, when sage came to him and asked him, “What’s going on?” “Why are you so sad?” The farmer is pointing at the field and is crying, like “Onions, onions! “Look, I got onions!” So, Sage got confused. Like, wait a second. “Yes, onions.” “It’s a field full of onions.” “Go harvest.” “Enjoy.” And the farmer is crying and cannot stop and still point at the field and says, “Onions, onions, onions!” And, very confusing, right? So the sage says, “Okay, so, what do you expect?” “It is onions.”

So, the farmer is pointing to the field next to him and says “Look, this guy has potatoes.” “I wanted potatoes and I got onions.” Sage realize what happened so he tell the guy that, “You fool.” “If you wanted potatoes, why did you plant onions?” Right?

So, the story teaches us that in life, we could do something without even thinking about the outcome. And for certain outcome, we need to do certain things, right? So, the idea here is to start with the end in mind.

A lot of us just jump on things because we got excited about something. We want something. We are tempted by something. And then, we realize a bunch of years later that, Wait a second. How I ended up here? How did I get to this point where I have this and this and this in my life? And if obviously we don’t want that, we shouldn’t have went and do it. So, everything in life is cause and effect. So, maybe even I bring an example, right, so you can relate better.

So, lets say a person got himself a habit. Watch a show every night, maybe for a couple of hours and while he’s watching his daily show, he got a habit of eating a pint of ice cream with that. Well, that’s a big deal, right?

It’s nice and sweet. But then he can realize two or three years later that somehow he gained 30-40 pounds and those 30-40 pounds made him lose his energy level by the midday and not be as active as he should have. He became insecure. He doesn’t fit into his clothing and basically the whole life is falling apart and nothing and going further down the line where he could accumulate a bunch of diseases and be on some pills and everything. So, negative example, right? Not so positive.

So, the same thing can be applied on a positive, right? We could go and maybe get up every morning and go walk for a mile and do that for a bunch of years without even realizing that walking a mile could cause me to oxygenize my body, my brain. I would want to drink some water after that. That cause hydration. That’s because I feel so good then maybe will have a better breakfast, right?

Having better breakfast, better nutrition, my mind got even more excited about things. Like, we have serotonin kick in and a bunch of other chemicals. So, I would go to my workplace. I would perform better. I would do better. I would communicate with people better. If I have a sales position, let’s say, I could make more sales because I’m able to connect with people.

So, cause and effect, right? Walking in the morning produces completely different outcome than having a pint of ice cream each night for a bunch of years. Alright. With that, we’ll end the session. If you like this video, please share and post your comments below. If you have questions or have suggestions for future topics, feel free to do so. Thank you.

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