Before Making An Investment

Many, many, many years ago my dad told me a story. And you know sometimes you got these stories, and you say to yourself. Well, especially when you’re young you know what does it really mean? I understood it much better later, so I’m gonna tell you a story.

There’s a story an old people bought a King, and this King had three sons, and the King knew that one day he’s going to be gone.

And he wanted to pass his kingdom on to his sons, and he didn’t know which one to pick as the best son to take care of the kingdom when he’s gone.

So, what he did was he devised a contest, he thought to himself okay here’s what I’m gonna do. So he called the sons in and they came in and he gave each son a bushel of corn, and he said to the sons I want you to take this bushel of corn and go away, come back a year from now and tell me the best thing you did with this bushel of corn, and the one that did the best thing I will give them my kingdom.

So a year has gone, and the first son walks in and says father, I know I’m gonna get your kingdom and the reason is that I did the absolute smartest thing any King can do which is save.

So what I did was took that bushel of corn, I wrapped it in plastic went out to the backyard, I dug a big hole, buried it covered it up so nobody could steal it.

And father, I dug it up this year and here it is a father here is that bushel of corn, I saved it and the best thing anybody could do it, and the wisest, is to save. Father said great son but let’s just wait.

The second son walked in says father I did the most compassionate thing any man can ever do. And what I did was I took that bushel of corn you gave me last year, I went into the village, and I found some people that were needy, people that needed some help. So what I did is I took the bushel of corn, and I gave it away and I fed these people.

And that I know the most compassionate thing you can do is to give, and so I should get your kingdom. And the father said that’s really a good thing that you did son, however, let’s see what number three has done.

So third son walks in and says father, no problem. Here’s what happened last year you gave me that bushel of corn, I took that bushel of corn and I went out to the village, I found some people of purpose, people that wanted to work, people that wanted to create something great, I found people that were diligent.

And what I did with that bushel of corn we went out, and we planted it, and this fall we reaped this huge harvest from that one bushel of corn.

And what I did was I fed your entire kingdom with that, and you know father I’m gonna get your kingdom because they’re all for our men anyways.

So when I heard that story I thought to myself, where am I investing my time? Where am I investing in my knowledge and my experience? And the message I got out of this there was two for.

Number one, as an individual you should invest in yourself first because you can’t invest in others until you invest in yourself.

And the second thing I got, if I wanna build a huge, successful business, what I need to do is to invest in others, and help others but not give a handout, not just give it away but have them earn it. People that are going to actually appreciate it better when they earned it themselves.

So, that’s a message, and I call it you know the wisdom from beyond the great from my daddy, and it’s yours today. I hope you’re gonna be able to utilize this to help yourself and to create and build a huge business, and be very successful.

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