Before Reacting From An Emotional Place

I have a story about reaction, and sometimes us, as parents, react the wrong way. And with the way we react, we teach our children to be stronger or weaker.

And sometimes, we react to our children in such a way that causes them to, you know, we overprotective them, we don’t give them the opportunity to grow. We react in such a way that we were, oh my gosh, you know, we overprotect them.

Sometimes they just got to fall, slam into the cupboard a little bit, and they’ll jump up and if we react that, yeah, it’s cool, you know, life happens, then they’re gonna take it that way.

So sometimes we overprotect our children, sometimes we overprotect people. I know myself, I found that over the years, I would help somebody and they wanted to do something and I’d go, oh okay, let me help you, let me do it for you.

Doin’ it for somebody is not gonna help them sometimes. What you need to do, is allow them to struggle a little bit, in order to become better.

This is Alex, take care.

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