Before Setting Goals

Hi everyone, this is Boruch Akbosh.

In this video, I wanted to share with you how to prioritize your goals and how to actually get them done in a way where you would be so effective that nothing can catch up with you.

To be very effective, we basically need to come from the angle as, take the Pareto principle, 80-20 rule. That’s what Warren Buffett did with his apprentice. He said, identify 20 that will give you the biggest value, which is extremely important, right? Anything that’s valuable, it’s important.

Come from that angle. Once you identify, focus on one at a time, do not do anything, get it done. You will see that you’re actually accomplishing at much faster pace, and that’s how you actually shorten the time. Something that usually takes people three, four, five months to do it, you get it done in one, two months, and with that, you obviously see a lot of success and accomplishment.

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