Before You Commit To Doing Something

Hello there, Alex Szinegh here again.

One of the lessons that you learn is that preparation is very very crucial and important, whether you’re doin’ sports, or you’re doin’ sales, you’re doin’ anything in life.

You need to prepare, and also, during that preparation, what’s really crucial is that you need to plan for emergencies.

Maybe you run out of money, you have to prepare for things goin’ wrong, because I used to think that business was only one way, you know, you start out your business, you build it, and I have this great vision, and then I’ll become a great success, I’m very rich, and everything works well.

Well, guess what. It doesn’t work that way, okay?

Sometimes you just get kicked a little bit. Sometimes you take a wrong turn and you lose things.

But, here’s the most important thing about this. You need to plan for contingencies, and you need to follow a system and a format, so preparation is the most important.

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