Before You Face Adversity

Alex here again got my cup’a coffee.

You know, I was thinking, you wanna start a business. You wanna create something and sometimes there’s some outside forces that cause some change.

And it was interesting, I gotta tell you this story, this was really neat, a good friend of mine and I, we were corroborating to write a book.

And so this friend of mine, he’s a great speaker and an author and what he did was, already had the title for the book and we had a lot of the stories put together.

We had a whole buncha people that were putting information into the book and it was, it’s kinda cool. I was really excited to have this book come out. And the title of the book was All My Heroes are Failures.

In other words, what we were trying to teach people or show people that you can fail once, twice, three times, five times sometimes, and you can still become a success but learn from those stories. Learn from those mistakes. Learn from those things.

So, it was really interesting that we were getting down to the final throes of finishing the book and we were gonna send it to the publisher and getting everything ready.

And so he kinda put it out there the title of the book, All My Heroes are Failures, and then all of a sudden he gets a letter from somebody, from an attorney that says, hey, I’ve got a client and he owns the title of this book and that’s his and you can’t use it.

So we’re sitting in a meeting and we’re discussing coming up with a title for the book. And all of a sudden, I don’t know how, but it just came out of our mouth and it came, different pieces came out from different people and here’s what it came out.

This gentleman that I was working with, his name is Greg, Greg S. Reid. He said the one thing that is constant, that is always constant is change. And then all of a sudden, just kind of like all the brains in the room came out that the title of the book became Everything Is Subject to Change.

Which is the only constant in life changes. It’s really interesting. We actually created the book. We published the book and it became a best seller and it was really cool because sometimes out of adversity comes ideas or comes a new life if you will.

So I just thought I’d share that story with you because sometimes people will come in and pick at you and tell you, you can’t do something or whatever and if you know how to pivot and shift and change quickly things can happen and you can become a great success.

So I wanted to share that story with you, hope it’s gonna impact you and it’s gonna give you some ideas. Thanks, this is Alex, I look forward to seeing you again.

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