Best Business Core Values for Young Entrepreneurs

People want to succeed though the road to get there is not a smooth one. Some challenges might test the faith and belief of a person, along the way. Some are not swayed but some choose not to continue. It actually depends on the person’s values if he will pursue a dream.

It all boils down to a person’s way of thinking. Every person can turn a negative situation into a positive one as long as he wants to. There are endless chances outside a person’s comfort zone. They are just waiting for those who are willing to take that single step of courage.

What we are trying to focus on is the importance of thoughts which reflect through the actions. Now, the way people think and behave is guided by different factors.

They can be products of parenting styles they grew up with or the traits they develop as they continue on with their lives. You can call these traits and beliefs as the core values.

What are Core Values?

Core values are common in companies and businesses. If you will look for a specific website, you will see that there is a set of core values that the employees are basing the implementation of their tasks with. But, what really are core values?

Imagine you are inside a car and you do not know how to drive. But because you are full of curiosity, you will try or think of ways so you can drive. That is a core value.

Now, you are walking on a street on the way your work. You are wearing white then, suddenly, a beggar touched you. You want to get mad but you have faith in humanity so you chose not to. That is also a core value.

Core values are the driving forces and the beliefs you hold as a person. They are the foundations of how an individual will act in a certain situation. They are actually the building blocks to success. They serve as the ladder we step on to be on top. They are not just for companies and businesses, they are for every person.

Importance of Core Values in Children’s Lives

As early as possible, children should realize the importance of core values through the help of their parents. Of course, the family has the greatest role in building core values. Why should families focus on building them? These are the reasons:

Core values influence a child’s attitude.

Beliefs and values make up a person’s attitude. Core values help in encouraging children and teenagers to be positive in life. In addition, there are core values that aid them to do the right thing over the convenient one.

Core values help in social interactions.

It is normal for teenagers to have more fun with people that hold the same values as theirs. But do you know that core values also aid in teaching your child how to adjust even in an uneasy situation? Yes, it is true. Your child will learn to choose friends that are worth understanding and adjusting to. Hence, relationships become more successful.

Core values encourage direction.

When teens are guided by certain core values, they discover how to face life and its challenges. They know which path to choose and ignore. This does not happen all the time, right? We still see people who seem lost in life. But the point is that the direction becomes clearer and the journey becomes easier.

Core values push a child forward.

With the right set of values, a child will focus ahead and not stop when the going gets tough. These values will allow youngsters to push themselves through the best way they can. Decisions are not always easy but because of the right mindset, children can consider them to be.

Core values promote growth.

Above anything else, children will bring the values they have learned through their parents and experiences for the rest of their lives. Although, core values will change over time, knowing that a person holds one is better than none at all. Core values encourage the growth and development of the future your child wants to have.

Importance of Business Core Values

Leaders hire people who came from different backgrounds and hold different beliefs. These actually do not affect their employment as long as they can do the job. The case is that many businesses are still on top and make a name in the industry they belong.

Wondering how? Well, that is because leaders make their own company’s culture and goals. When a person starts to be part of a certain team, he has to forget about himself to be able to help the whole team.

Business core values make companies stand out.

There are different competitors out there. What makes a company better than others is the values they hold onto. Core values help in giving a team its own name. That is why it is also important for leaders to be clear with the values of the company. Through this, the team will know how to do things to meet the goals they set.

Business core values set alignment.

Core values aid in making the standards of your business or company. They serve as guides on how things will be done by everyone. Leaders would know the right person for a certain position because of their core values. Many clients and customers how the company operates and the attitude they want to convey. Core values can bring profit and success.

Business core values inspire everyone to do their jobs.

When core values are clearly explained, everyone will aim to live by it. They might end up applying these core values even outside the workplace. Companies who really follow the values they set will make their employees or partners do the same. They will strive to improve and be the best they can be.

Business core values determine culture.

Because they bring identity to the company, they also set certain ways of working for people. Some companies give importance to the happiness of employees so they are not that strict with rules. Some prioritize quality, which results to a culture of responsibility. Core values determine how the whole team will act and behave.

Discovering Your Business Core Values

Parents are the role models for children when it comes to discovering the right way of doing things. However, as youngsters grow, they tend to feel the need to find their true identity and have their own stand in life.

Most of the time, this happens during the teenage years. As teens are exposed to other people than their families, they discover qualities they thought they never had.

There is nothing wrong with copying parents, at first. This is actually normal because children do not know anything about the world yet. But, it is important for them to discover their personal values so they can truly live life according to what they believe in. Here are some tips on how teenagers can do just that.

* Be like an empty glass.

In discovering personal core values, the first thing to do is have an open mind. Yes, teenagers already have certain beliefs because of the family they grew up with or the rules set inside their homes. Clearing minds from assumptions can help young adults to truly know what they are not yet aware of.

Being an empty glass also means exploring the different beliefs around and reflecting on them. This helps in deciding which values push a person towards success and which do not.

Sometimes, people tend to assume that a certain thing will result to a specific situation. This should not be the mindset. An occupied mind cannot accept new revelations.

* Make a business core values list.

Having personal core values is actually a natural discovery of the self. It is not something determined through genetic makeup or a person’s race. In fact, it changes because of experiences. It is also not something you easily choose and force yourself to live by. Personal core values are revealed through experiences and situations.

It is better if teenagers would develop a list of core values they can look at every day. From this list, they can check if they have shown a specific value through any situation. They can ask themselves, “What did I do?” or “How did I react?”

They can also check the actions they did not do, but want to actually do, because they feel that there will be negative reactions from others. This way, young adults can discover the real values they have inside their hearts.
Sort the list.

At this point, there may be too many listed core values. The way to sort them is to group them based on their nature. For example, a teen listed responsibility and leadership as two of his qualities. These two are somewhat related so he could combine them under one category. This method allows teenagers to feel that they are more doable.

* Determine those on top.

Everyone has strong and weak points. Core values are some of the keys for people to focus on their strengths. With these strengths, young adults can discover the most essential core values they need for them to grow more. They can discover it by also focusing on the values that represent their personality and whole being. It is also important to know the important core values that will support a person’s true self.

* Test each value.

The best way to successfully discover a personal core value is by testing it. Apply the value in a situation and assess how it made you feel at the end. Is there any core value that does not work well with what you really want? Do they help you grow? Can you show your real self through them? These are some of the questions you have to ask yourself.

Discovering personal core values does not happen overnight. It actually takes years of experience and patience before a person successfully discover them. What is important is that, at the end of the day, these values help you up and not pull you down.

Best Business Core Values List

There is no standard set of core values for every business. Of course, it depends on the company’s goals and visions. There are teams that are instructed to produce as many products as they can in a day.

There are others that focus on solving customer claims. Even so, there are business core values that are considered the best. Let us discover them and the reason why they are the best.

#1 Business Core Value: Integrity

There is more to it than just honesty when it comes to integrity. It is also about being a whole and complete person. This means that there is only one you no matter where you are and who you are with. Moreover, you own up to the mistakes you did. Most importantly, it is having the right thoughts.

What makes integrity one of the best business core values?

It is hard to trust people, nowadays. This is one of the main reasons why businesses give importance to making a name. Trust is never earned by forcing people to give it. It is earned by the ability of companies to produce well. Companies will only be able to make a name when they produce products that could really help people. To do so, they need integrity.

Situations in the industry are not always smooth. There are times when your people will commit a mistake or your team will not meet a deadline. Leaders make decisions that resulted to a failure. With integrity, people will own up to their mistakes. Blaming others will not be an option.

This core value helps businesses save money in the long run. You might think mistakes are costly. Yes, they are. For example, a company has to pay to its customers because it sold products of no quality.

Some companies do everything to cover up the mistakes of its team. This will result in instant success but a bad reputation in the long run. Integrity removes all of these. A company that does the right thing is not afraid of the truth.

How to develop the business core value of integrity?

The first thing to do to develop this business core value is to embrace the company’s core values as if they are your own. By doing so, integrity will be applied even in personal life. It is important for leaders to make their teams understand that caring for the company is a must.

After taking it personally, people should also check the meaning of integrity to others. You cannot just force other people to have the standards you have. The better way to have a common view about this is to align what they believe in with the goals of the company.

Be clear about it before getting people to be part of your company. Do not just focus on the ones who can do the job. Check the ones who value integrity even though they are still not part of the company. It is easier to develop this core value when people already believe in it.

#2 Business Core Value: Professionalism

This core value is more than just dressing well or having various degrees. The most important part of it is having the right conduct towards yourself and other people. Another true mark of this core value is to look for better ways to do a job. This core value results to the respect of time, process, and people. Expertise in the field is also a sign of being a professional.

The point is that the mind, the heart, and the hands should work together, when it comes to these values. You have to be knowledgeable, work with the right attitude and be able to do the actual job.

What makes professionalism one of the best business core values?

Professionalism helps in determining how people should and should act in a team. It gives them the idea of the right behavior in the workplace. Other companies encourage employees to enjoy and have fun in work.

But this does not mean that they can do whatever they want. There is still a line stating the things that employees should not do. Being a professional means not crossing that line.

Imagine you are inside a room full of rude people. It’s very awkward, right? You’ll end up looking for a way to leave the room. It’s just like when you are in a team wherein members have different views. With different family backgrounds, there will be occasions of arguments.

If these people were not professionals, meetings may be areas of battle. Even if there are disagreements, members who know how to respect each other’s ideas may still help the team achieve its goals and objectives.

This core value also involves having skilled people who can produce high quality of work. They are committed to their jobs so they care for them sincerely. Your company will surely attain its goals through having this trait.

How to develop the business core value of professionalism?

The first thing to do in developing this business core value is to learn how to communicate effectively. You need to know how to talk and listen properly. Talking is not simply chatting with other people, it is more than that. You should also learn about proper behavior when talking to someone.

When it comes to listening, it is not just about hearing. You should know how to pay attention to the feelings of the person you listen to. You should look at his eyes to make him feel that you are paying attention. Communication is important in the workplace. Having the right communication with customers will certainly end up to a business deal.

In the business world, it is important to know how to interact with others. This is not limited to working with customers. You should learn how to make a strong and positive understanding with your co-workers. These people will help you reach your goals.

For example, you have an idea and you want to make it happen. Of course, you know that you can do it on your own. But it will be a lot easier to work on teams and have the collaboration to turn ideas into reality.

#3 Business Core Value: Excellence

This core value is about being outstanding and extremely great at something, but it does not end there. It is also about improving continuously through having the right way of thinking. Oftentimes, people think that this core value means having no error.

It’s actually more than that. It is being able to learn from failures and not committing the same mistakes again.

What makes excellence one of the best business core values?

This core value helps in making customers buy. When customers get the quality they want, they will definitely choose you again. These customers will tell others as well. When employees are appreciated because of their excellent works, they feel motivated to do more. The workplace will be a happy one.

It is also having the “never give up” motto. This business core value is having the belief that everything can happen. It makes employees strong and striving. It improves the thinking that stopping is not an option. It lets people think of other ways when the first plan is not working. It allows them to take risks and improve.

In addition, this business core value is the destination of success. It includes taking good things out of yesterday’s mistakes. It is not about settling for today’s normal ways of doing things. It means striving for the best and looking forward to tomorrow’s greatness.

How to develop the business core value of excellence?

The first thing to do to develop this business core value is to accept past failures. Without accepting them, teenagers will live in the shadow of fear. The fear of failure results to not trying and giving up. It leads to focusing in comfort zone rather than trying new things.

Walking outside your comfort zone means taking a step towards success. It is best to remember that the only real failure is not accepting that it is okay to fail.

This business core value is also about making positive contact with other people. Young adults need to practice speaking honestly and kindly. Kind words are also a mark of excellence because you are speaking with a good cause. What people say to others can change their lives and way of thinking.

It is also best to make every moment as if it is the last. If people want to be excellent, the right time is now. The chances are endless. However, it takes a tough person to grab those chances.

Excellence is making things happen. It is not letting chances slip. It is important to commit and make things happen, whatever it takes.

#4 Business Core Value: Teamwork

Teamwork is about working with a group of people to achieve a specific goal. It is sharing skills and knowledge to have a healthy and happy workplace. It is also about working on the differences of people. Teamwork is more than getting well with others. It is having self-control even during stressful times.

What makes teamwork one of the best business core values?

This business core value is about seeing the body through its parts. Imagine each part of the body. The hands have their own functions. It’s the same with other parts. Now, each employee plays a significant role in the business.

Each position is important in making the business grow, no matter how low or high it is. Teamwork is about these parts working together to improve the body.

Furthermore, teamwork makes the team limitless. It allows everyone to speak their minds. It gives the team a chance to look beyond what is in front of them. It makes people think they are in the same level. It also makes them feel important.

Additionally, teamwork encourages an open mind. People learn to accept that there are other better ideas, and there are other ways of doing things. It makes employees more open to change. It promotes positive workplace.

How to develop the business core value of teamwork?

To develop this business core value, it is important to have a clear goal for the team. This goal will be the main target of employees through the planning and action process. A team without a goal will clash because there is no direction. Everyone has goals so the first step is to make those goals one.

Moreover, it is better to lift each other up. Not all members of the team are high performers. It is good to encourage people that they are performing together and not alone. The failure of one is the failure of all. The success of one is the success of all. It is best to think about what is best for the team. Remember, selfishness has no room.

It is also important for members of the team to practice being open to each other. This includes talking about the strengths and areas for improvement of the team. It is good to give credit to people who achieved something. It is also good to encourage people who need it. The best way to make everyone open up is to avoid judgments.

#5 Business Core Value: Happiness

Happiness is about being satisfied in the tasks and the workplace. This business core value encourages fun to make people motivated. It is hard to make people work if they are no longer happy with their tasks. In fact, happiness is one of the greatest motivators of employees. Moreover, this business core value is about sharing this happiness to families and others. It is the only business core value that does not decrease when shared.

What makes happiness one of the best business core values?

Happiness contributes to the success of a company. How? It improves the productivity of employees. A motivated employee is excited to do his job. If he liked what he does, he will do it with quality. Employees become better with their jobs. They also work better with others. They learn the importance of understanding to make things work.

In addition, happiness makes employees healthier physically and mentally. They can rest well without thinking too much of deadlines and getting nagged at. They will wake up and be excited to go to work. Arguments will be replaced by enthusiasm.

Happiness also helps in making the teamwork more rather than complain. When faced with a problem, the team is not easily swayed because of this core value. Hence, problems are solved faster and easier. Employees learn to act now.

How to develop the business core value of happiness?

It is important for leaders to realize that making the workplace a happy one is a worth it investment. It will eventually result to the growth of the team and the business. This happiness can be shared to customers. It is also a kind of effective marketing to have more clients.

Happiness is a result of appreciation. It is good to let employees know that their work matters. But, making them feel that way is a different story. To build a happy workplace, everyone should know that it is important to motivate people through rewards or kind words.

Burn out is one of the reasons why people leave the company. This is a red flag for leaders to think of ways to attack burn out. One of the good ways is to have activities that will show the talents and skills of employees. Rest is also important, from time-to-time.


The business core values list is only some of the most helpful core values for companies. In the end, what matters are the core values that are aligned with the company’s goals.

Moreover, it is important for owners to realize that all core values must focus on making employees and customers satisfied. Owners and leaders are the starters of business. Making it succeed over time is also in the hands of employees and customers.

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