Acquiring Business Skills as a Teenager

“I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become.”
– Carl Jung

Keeping pace with the rapidly evolving world and business environment includes our awareness of the constant growth and development of our business skills for teens life. The young persons need the strong foundation and mentors’ support on their way to becoming the successful teen entrepreneurs and living positive and balanced lives. Our multidisciplinary program offers the core business skills for teens to learn and set their path to a bright future.

1. Time Management and Organization

Many times you can hear that your teenager doesn’t have enough time to complete tasks. Mastering time management and organizational skills is the most important step for your teen to make: being more productive by being more proactive. Our interactive activities and guidance help teens utilize their time and energy efficient, smartly and more efficiently.

2. The Interpersonal Skills

Usually, our experiences affect the development of our interpersonal skills. The way we collaborate and communicate with others represents our interpersonal skills. Skills such as problem-solving, collaboration, active listening, empathy, diplomacy, adaptability, conflict resolution, leadership, patience, business communication and other. Cultivating those skills and resilience help your teen commit to the projects fully, lead happier and healthier life with more sense of control in difficult situations by effectively coping with setbacks.

3. Project Management and Planning

No matter what young entrepreneurs choose as their business ideas, they need to go through the project management processes, phases and planning in order to execute a successful project. Being accountable through the entire process and owning the tasks are the values that are supported and encouraged.

Acquiring business skills from other young entrepreneurs across America and deeply understanding the stages of their online or startup business ideas can inspire your teen to action, planning projects, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

4. Financial and Sales Management

Understanding the importance of financial responsibility is the vital key in leading any kind of business skills for teens. Keeping track of the costs, funding, earnings and knowing how to invest in the company and technology can help teens embrace the flow of the funds, find how to deal with the risks and make a profit.

Also, before starting their business, they need to master the sales skills first. Famous entrepreneurs highlight the importance of acquiring business skills for teens. The following practices reflect their notions: knowing how to connect with people on an emotional level by giving value first, focusing on the customer needs, and keeping customers amazed by improving the services and adding an extra value to the product or service. In other words, deeply knowing and appreciating the customers.

5. Cultivating the Creativity and Curiosity

Living in the 21st century means being creative in whatever one does. There is no doubt that we are witnesses of a great rise of the successful teen entrepreneurs every year. More than ever, modern businesses need creative solutions at various stages of their functioning and development.

For example, fostering the creativity can start with allowing teens to do the everyday household chores in their own creative way. Allowing teens to experiment with the new approaches and to learn from their own mistakes can help them find new and effective solutions to the problems.

Creativity goes hand in hand with curiosity. Encouraging curiosity means questioning everything: questioning how something works, why we run a business at first place, what steps we need to take so that we can achieve our goals, what drives us to make our dreams come true, what we can do differently next time if we experience the setback now and so on.

In this way, teens question everything by developing a growth mindset. They grow and learn when we allow them to explore themselves and the world around them without judgment, criticism and comparison with their peers. The proof for the fact that the growth mindset is essential for lifelong learning and entrepreneurial success shows us one of the greatest America’s inventors and businessman, Thomas A. Edison:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

By empowering and supporting our teens in acquiring business skills that will improve their time, financial and sales management, organization, communication and collaboration with others, project planning, creativity and curiosity, we give them the opportunity to grow and flourish on the physical, emotional, mental, psychological, social and other levels. In this way, they will set the path for doing the work they love, living the harmonious life and inspiring others.

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