How to Develop Perseverance in High Schoolers

How to Develop Perseverance in High Schoolers to be a Fearless Leader

Young entrepreneurs should have the right skills and qualities to be fearless leader. Even though your children may only be in high school right now, they are no exemption. In fact, they already have to train themselves to acquire this important trait that will pay off in the future.

A huge amount of perseverance is crucial for all because of the different obstacles that everybody has to go through in order to experience great success. As such, perseverance is essential, especially if you’re planning to engage in any business in the future. If your teen does not have this characteristic, a small hindrance or obstacle will surely impede his or her success path.

For this reason, even though your children would say that he or she does not have the motivation to do anything, or that he or she will just take another opportunity, it is crucial that you still train them.

Studies show that the people who exhibit perseverance are the ones who are most likely to finish high school and stay on a job and marriage.

Why Do Some High Schoolers Quit Fast?

To know how you can teach your young entrepreneurs to persevere for their goals, you have to know the common reasons why they quit. Here are some reasons:

  • Some parents get rid of the obstacles on their children’s path.
  • Parents are eager to solve their children’s problems without giving them the chance to solve it themselves.
  • Some children see only the achievements of some people and not the hard work behind those achievements.
  • Solutions to most problems are reachable through their fingertips nowadays.
  • They do not have confidence in their skills.

As you may have noticed, parents may also become a factor why young entrepreneurs give up quickly. Because of their love for their children, they do not want to see their high schoolers suffer. That is why some parents get rid of these obstacles as much as they can.

Also, some parents do not trust their young entrepreneurs’ own way of solving their problems. For this reason, the parents end up solving their children’s problems immediately.

Even though the parents are partly to blame for this problem, media and the high-schoolers themselves are to blame too. After all, your children are responsible for themselves.

However, as a parent, it is your job to guide, lead, and teach them to acquire the values that a fearless leader needs to learn for their future success.

To teach your children effectively, you should learn about the different characteristics of perseverance or grit. Here are some of the key success factors that your teen needs to learn:

  • Direction
  • Excellence
  • Resilience
  • Courage
  • Confidence
  • Conscientiousness
  • Creativity
  • Can-do attitude

These characteristics may seem idealistic to achieve, but given the right approach and mindset, you can easily teach these to your teenagers.

How to Teach Your High Schoolers to Persevere?

1. Ask Them About Their Goals

What is there to persevere about if your young entrepreneurs do not have a concrete plan of reaching their dream? Make a deep conversation with them regarding their life’s purpose and goal chart.

Ask them about the steps that they are planning to take to reach their goals in life.

2. Tell Them Stories About the Struggles of Successful People

You can provide your high school kid some interesting achievement quotes to inspire them. You may also buy an autobiography book of a successful person and let your teen read it.

3. Persuade Them to Interview the Successful People They Know

Ask your kids to interview those people they know that have already reached the ladder of success. Tell them to ask these people about the obstacles that they faced and how they managed to reach their goals.

4. Make Them Aware of the Obstacles on Their Path and Ask Them for a Solution

Ask your high schoolers of the possible obstacles that they see on their path to their goals. Ask them for the solution that they can think of to get rid of these obstacles.

5. Build Essential Values in Your Family

Establish important in your family by setting some rules at home. These rules may be based on good inspirational quotes for teens or some affirmatives like the following:

  • Always finish what you have started.
  • Nobody has to take the obstacle in someone else’s path.
  • Never compare others’ achievement to yours.
  • The road to success is always under construction.
  • People fear what they don’t understand.
  • Work hard in silence; let success make the noise.

As you can see, you are partly responsible for your young entrepreneurs’ success. You are responsible for building their values to have the right attitude of a fearless leader. So, they will have something to hold on to when they are on their own.

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