How to Develop Social Skills as a Young Entrepreneur

Have you experienced being hooked to a person because he is just so good at sharing his thoughts? I have. I tell you, that kind of discussion is worth every person’s time in the world. That kind of discussion changes the atmosphere and even others’ way of thinking. A person like that surely has good social skills. We learn a lot and can let go of burdens when we talk to others. That is one of the benefits of socializing.

You can look at social skills as blocks that fill in the spaces of your connection with the people around you. They could guide you in starting and ending a discussion well. Another nice thing social skills can make people learn how to behave in social situations because of them. The ways to relate with others are not the same for people. But because of social skills, people learn to be proper.

Without social skills, it would be hard for everyone to even start a topic. The world will be a mess and people will not survive. We are all made to relate and feel the warmth of others. Social skills are one of the main factors of a happy life. They are useful in homes, schools, businesses, and workplaces. We will talk about them more today!

Why is developing social skills a must?

Before knowing how to develop social skills, let us first learn why we need to do so. You might not know but your child might already have the social skills needed to have more true friends. Through knowing these reasons, you will also discover the social skills they already have:

Good friends

Developing social skills results in gaining more good friends. Other teens love being with people who can make them calm and relaxed. When they feel that they can trust other people, they will open up and have a good relationship in the long run. Young adults with good social skills can do just that. Aside from having good friends, your teenager may also know how to make new friends.

Sustain friendships

Teenagers need support that is why it is a good thing to have friends who will stay. Developing social skills build long-lasting friendships. Remember that this is the time when teens love to tell everything to their friends and not their parents. It’s a sad truth but parents should learn how to get by. If teens would be with good friends that will lift them up, they will be able to pass this phase.

Better use of time

Much time will not be wasted if teens have good social skills. For instance, if your child does not want to attend a party because of a person he does not like, he can do it. Good list of social skills allows teens to tell others in a good manner. They do not have to force themselves to people they honestly do not want to be with. It saves time and emotions.

Best future ahead

Developing social skills allow teens to have the best future. How? Of course, they can still work or have business through using what they know. But it does not mean that they will succeed. An entrepreneur who knows how to relate with others is not the same as one who is smart but does not have good social skills.

Happier life

To sum it all, developing social skills allow teenagers to have a happier life. They will have support, be confident with themselves, and have the best future. There might be challenges in the future but social skills are a few of the skills that can help them survive.

How to develop social skills at home?

Developing social skills at home is one of the roles of parents or guardians. Teens learn first at home so it is best that before having friends outside, they feel that the people inside their homes are their friends. This will result in teens having the confidence to explore and face the world. Here are some tips that parents can check to know how to develop social skills at home. It is best to apply these tips to children at an early age.

Spend plenty of time with children

This tip just never gets old! You have to be with your child as much as you can to help him improve his social skills. In this way, you can check on your child, ask questions, and play with him. If you are a working parent, make sure to call your child and go home as early as you can. You won’t regret doing this!

Teach and use the right words

know so it is better to check out the right words that your kid can use in expressing his feelings. Remember to say these words as well so you can get used to them. In this way, children will know the proper way to say things.

Allow children to help others

Make sure you let them know why they should share and help other people. Allow them to realize that they need others to get by. Youngsters will know that helping others even through the littlest ways, will result to rewards much worth than money or things – friendship.

Praise your child

You will not lose something even if you praise your child for what he does! He needs to know and feel that he is doing the right thing. If your child cares about others, tell him he’s doing a great job. Make him feel good and happy.

Lift kids up

When you know your child feels down, be the hands that lift him up. Sometimes, poor social skills develop because of the failures and pain they encounter from friends and other people. You won’t want that to happen. Encourage your child to let go of things so he can be open to change.

How to develop social skills at school?

Teachers can also help in developing social skills of children. In fact, they can work with parents to do this through knowing the struggles of children at home. This is needed in schools since teachers face children who grew from different homes and parents. Social skills can be used to avoid the chance of having emotional outbursts in schools. Here are some of the ways teachers can try to do just that:

Social skills record

It is good for teachers to develop social skills record for their students. This will help them track the changes in behaviors and interaction with others. Teachers can also include here if their students can make or keep friends. Is it hard for them to talk to someone? This will truly change the way they see their students!

Teach needed social skills

The social skills record will allow teachers to know what a child needs to improve. After that, they can share some reasons why children need to improve on specific social skills. They can also share how children can do that, and even track changes and improvements. Teachers need to tell these to parents as well.

Provide social exercises for the whole class

Teachers can also develop some activities that can help children express their feelings and listen to other students. For teens, they could give group works to encourage them to do brainstorming. This is also a good way to develop leaders.

How to develop social skills in business?

These tips are for young entrepreneurs who want to improve their social skills and have good social skills. Not everyone who does businesses already has good social skills. In fact, people need to improve them nonstop. This will also help leaders who have people who are having a hard time socializing. Here are some of the ways to develop social skills in business.

Know trends

In business, knowing the trends make good changes. This aids young entrepreneurs to know what they are facing in terms of the services they offer and the social skills they need. Knowing trends allow them to be prepared about discussions and certain topics.

Attend training sessions

One of the best ways to develop social skills is to attend training sessions! Here they can learn how to develop social skills through topics or even just talking to other attendees. This is a good way because there are plenty of activities in trainings that ask attendees to share their thoughts. It’s a good practice!

Present topics to your team

One key skill from the list of social skills is the ability to do presentations. Presenting to a team allows teenagers to know how to prepare, speak in front of many people, and be more confident. It is also a way to know what needs to be improved.

Talk to suppliers

Running a business also means facing suppliers that could team up with teens. Now, teenagers have the chance to choose between these suppliers. It’s quite challenging to do so that is why this result to improved social skills.

Ask leaders

It is also best for teenagers who are new to the business to ask the tested ones. These people have good social skills which they can share with the new ones. They also have connections with other businessmen. They can make young entrepreneurs see things in a bigger picture.

List of Social Skills

Now that you know how to develop social skills, here is the list of social skills that parents could teach their children. Teens can apply these in all areas of their lives.

Verbal and Written Communication

Teenagers need to know how to communicate not only through talking but also through sending emails and letters. This also includes active listening which is all about understanding other people as well. Along the way, teenagers will discover how to communicate with different people they will encounter.


Second on the list of social skills is cooperation which is all about being able to work with a team. It is not easy to get goals when your teen is alone. But with many hands, he can do so much more. This skill also means sharing your own ideas and getting the ideas of your team as well.


We might think knowing what other people feel is enough. To be honest, it is not. It is better to work hard to understand what other people feel as if it’s your own. Along with this skill is sincerity or having a true concern to others.


A simple greeting can make a change in mood and way of thinking of others. Giving a smile in the morning can surely make others smile as well. It is also better to use words such as “thank you” and “please.” They are often ignored, but they make a room shift from a sad to a happy one.

Public Speaking

This is a good skill especially for making businesses succeed. No matter how small or big the crowd is, this skill is a way to help others and the speaker as well. High self-esteem is a result of this skill.


Another in the list of social skills is the ability to sell products, services, or ideas. This is useful for teens so they can make people believe in what their business can offer. They can also use this skill to convince their employees to stay with them.


It all boils down to respect. Teenagers can do other skills effectively because of respect. If they know how to show respect to others, others will do the same. Apart from this, people will look forward to relating to them.


The list of social skills is very long and depends on what a situation needs. It is true that good social skills do not come easily. It takes enough time to practice and really apply in life. Talking with others can definitely help but what is more effective is to talk to yourself to change the way you think. Relating with others always depend on how you relate with yourself. The moment you accept who you are is the moment you can truly accept others as well.

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