How to Get Motivated as a Teenager

Every entrepreneur in the world tends to find out how to get motivated in order to achieve his goals.
Our productivity and effectiveness depend a lot on how we feel. If you are nervous and depressed every day, there is a big chance you will fail.

A large number of people don’t discover how to get motivated for the whole of their life. That is probably one of the main reasons why we don’t have many entrepreneurs in the world.

Making the first steps in the business world is the toughest decision to make. Even if a young person decides to be an entrepreneur, that wish does not last long. So, they lose interests for private business shortly.

Let’s see together how to get motivated in life when you are a teenager. You can use tips from the list for every type of problem you have.

How to Get Motivated as a Teenager

Thanks to the Internet technology, surrounding yourself with motivation is easier than before. We now have access to various pieces of information that can help us.

There are several different methods that will help us realize how to get motivated in life:

  • Motivational quotes
  • Read motivational books
  • Listen to motivational speeches
  • Find a role model
  • Surround yourself with positive people
  • Wake up your imagination
  • Establish IMPORTANT goals
  • Work on your self-discipline
  • Reward yourself
  • Enjoy small things
  • Be passionate about what you do

When you see the bullet list, the answer is probably not clear. Because of that, we will give a clear explanation of each element. After reading them, you won’t ask again how to get motivated and become successful.

• Motivational Quotes

Successful people from various business fields have said many smart things. Who would know better how to get motivated than them? They went through many troubles and became the winner in the end.

That is something you would like to achieve, right?

Well, that’s why you should try to collect all those smart words in one place. As we said, the Internet gives us a lot of opportunities. Finding useful motivational quotes is not hard anymore.

First, determine what your problem is, and simply google for motivational quotes. Second, write them down on a piece of paper and read them always when you feel bad.

Finally, use sticky notes and put them on a wall around your bed. Every morning when you open your eyes you will see them. Certainly, your days will definitely have more beautiful mornings.

• Read Motivational Books

One of the main problems of our society is that the average teenager is not reading more than 1 book per year.
Young people are capable to spend hours on using social media, but reading a book is hard for them. They don’t understand that books are hiding answers on how to get motivated as a teen.

Of course, not every book will have a positive impact on your motivation. First of all, find out something about the author. After that, find a book summary and determine if the book is good for you or not.

Ask other people that had the same problem as you. If they are satisfied with the book, there is no reason you should not read it as well.

• Listen to Motivational Speeches

If you are lazy enough to read a book or find motivational quotes, listening to motivational speeches is a solution for you.

The successful entrepreneurs like to share their knowledge and experience with other people. They usually hold speeches on universities related to their industry.

One of the topics almost each of them is talking about is – “how to get motivated in life”. Usually, they dedicate their tips to teenagers.

Maybe you don’t have time to visit those events because of the exams at university or school. However, once again we need to say “thanks” to Internet technology.

Modern entrepreneurs use Facebook and Instagram in a lot smarter way than the rest of the world. They run their own blog or YouTube channel to share their thoughts with their audience.

That means you are only a few clicks away from the source of your inspiration. Explore them, and you will probably find what you are looking for.

• Find a Role Model

Finding a role model is not an easy task. It is not possible that someone with different past or background will understand your problem of demotivation.

Is there someone that you respect a lot? Do you intend to achieve the same?

If the answer to both questions is “Yes”, there is a big chance you just found your role model.

Read or listen carefully to what exactly he or she wants to suggest to his followers. Explore his blog or book in details, and try to understand him. Compare his life with yours.

More importantly, try to contact him and talk with him personally. Maybe you manage to convince him to be your mentor.

If that person is a world-famous star, there is a big chance you won’t be able to get to him. Still, ask yourself one question, what if your mentor is not that far?

Most of the teenagers forget that their biggest support is their parents. With them, you won’t continue asking how to get motivated – they will always be there for you.

• Surround Yourself with Positive People

A small number of teens decide to become “the member” of the business world. Majority of them has the goal to graduate and find a job with a good salary.

Those youngsters can have a negative impact on your motivation. When you share your plans and ideas with them, they will look at you like you are crazy.

Don’t allow negative comments to distract you and demotivate you!

Teenage entrepreneurs usually get pieces of advice such as:

– Do you really think you will achieve that?
– Come one, you are acting like a child
– Forget about that, it’s better for you to start learning for exams, etc.

Avoid that type of environment. It can be a challenging task to do especially if those people are your best friends, but it is in your best interest.

Therefore, surround yourself with positive people that have the same goal as you. With them, you will exactly know how to get motivated. Like-minded people will inspire us to work harder.

• Wake Up Your Imagination

Being realistic is good, but sometimes you need to change your realistic attitude a little. If you start to dream big, your imaginary world will explain to you how to get motivated.

Let’s define the difference between being unrealistic and being a dreamer.

A teenager who thinks he will make a million dollars for the next few months is unrealistic. On the other hand, a dreamer imagines that after a few years of hard work and dedication he will become rich and successful.

So, why is it important to wake up your imagination?

Absolutely every day you should imagine that you already achieved your main goal. That process should last for 5 minutes. You will have a clear picture of how it looks to be something that you always wanted to become.

Do that in front of the mirror you have in your room. That feeling will push you up and motivate you to continue with hard work.

• Establish Important Goals

Making billions of dollars can’t be an important goal. A big number of teenagers think that money will make them happy. That way of thinking is logical when you don’t have enough money.

Still, by time, making money won’t serve you as motivation. Your goal needs to be bigger than that!

Proving to yourself that you are capable enough to run your own business would be a valuable goal. Also, making your parents proud will have a strong meaning for you.

That type of goals would motivate you every time when you feel you can’t continue.

• Work on Your Self-Discipline

It is not a secret that youngsters are not disciplined enough. They love to delay their duties, to get up late, to hang out with friends, etc. But, you need to change that attitude.

Quite often it happens that teens give up from their business because they fail a few times. In most cases, they are blaming others for their failure.

Working on your self-discipline means that you will respect your duties and your time. Making a “to-do” list will help boost your discipline. More importantly, it will show you how it looks to complete successfully your tasks.

William McRaven, Us Navy Admiral, said a really smart thing in one of his speeches. He said – “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed. If you make your bed every morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day”.

Completing your first mini-goal will inspire you to continue! The feeling of being proud and joyful is something you won’t be able to buy.

Every time when you don’t know how to get motivated, you will want to feel like that again!

• Reward Yourself

When you have a regular “9-5” job, the things are quite clear. If you are a good employee, your boss will raise your salary or give you a promotion. When you are an entrepreneur, things are different.

There won’t be anyone to tell you “good job” or to give you any other kind of reward. That’s why you need to think about your “needs”.

Rewarding yourself will motivate you every time when you get stuck with some of your tasks. Be sure that you will experience this type of moments many times.

• Enjoy in Small Things

We can connect this tip with the previous one. Material things won’t bring you motivation. You might be able to buy an expensive jacket or expensive sneakers, but that is not the point.

Those things won’t be interesting to you sooner or later. Except that, it is hard to believe that a teenager can afford a one-week journey to Ibiza to himself.

The reward needs to be small. For example, when you complete your job, you will be able to go for a walk with friends. Similarly, when you complete all your daily tasks, you can have dinner together with your family.

Remember, small things are making our lives more beautiful. If you expect to buy expensive stuff after you finish the job, you will get disappointed. More precisely, you will never be satisfied.

• Be Passionate About What You Do

Let’s compare this with lessons from school. For example, some of them were quite easy for you, and you were able to learn them for one day. For others, you had to split days to learn them well.

Selection of your business is crucial for your motivation. Your business needs to be your passion. When you get up from the bed, your passion is the first thing you think about.

Everything else won’t help you to get motivated. That’s one more reason why you should not chase the money. If some industry is profitable, but you still don’t love it, you will get nervous and depressed.

Split your time as much as you can to discover what your passion really is.

Final Thought – Always Follow Your “Why”

We hope that tips from the list will help you to discover how to get motivated in life. Still, before we say “goodbye”, there is one thing we need to highlight.

Always, without any excuses, follow your “why”!

If your “why” is strong and valuable enough, it will motivate you in every tough moment that you have. Money can’t be your only and main priority.

Ask yourself every day – “Why did I start my own business?” and “Why exactly do I want to achieve this?”

Answers on these two questions won’t allow you to give up. More precisely, giving up won’t even be an option for you.

And don’t forget, member of the family will always be your biggest support. Ask your parents for help if you can’t get motivated by yourself. They know you very well, and they will find a way to make you inspired and happy.

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