How to Help My Teenager With Time Management

How to Help My Teenager With Time Management

Your teens might think that learning life management skills is just pure common sense. They might think that it is not crucial for them to learn these things because all that you have to do is guide them. However, the fact that they hesitate to learn these skills is proof that learning life management skills are not just about common sense.

Learning life skills for teens will hone your teens’ underlying values, life determination, perseverance, and resilience. If your teens aspire to become one of the successful young entrepreneurs, learning these skills is a must.

One of the life management skills that they have to learn that will pay off in the future is time management. It does not mean that your child will become the richest kid in the world by learning so. However, it will save your teens some sunny days when they grow up.

  • Let Her Know That Time Management Is One of the Important Business Skills for Teens

You can do it by setting yourself as an example. You cannot tell your teen not to be late if you are always late to your job yourself. If you are serious about teaching your teen with one of the important life management skills, you have to follow what you preach.

Even though it seems like your teens can get away most of the time by doing their tasks in every last minute, make her realize that they will never always be lucky. When they grow up or if they have a business of their own, customers demand high-quality products and services. Those are impossible to achieve if your teens make their products or deliver their services in haste.

Doing an important task in haste often results in mistakes and wastes.

  • Give Her a Planner or Any Time Management Tool as a Gift

Time management will not only pay off as one of the teen entrepreneur characteristics but is also useful in their other tasks like school, friends, homework, workshops, and more. How your teens manage their time can affect all their activities. For this reason, it is important to teach them this one of the important life management skills as young as they are.

You can start encouraging them by giving them a time management tool like a planner. You can also subscribe to an app that can help your teens further. Know the right time management tool that will suit their behavior and activities.

Here are some of the reliable time-management software your entrepreneur teen can use:

  1. Tmetric
  2. Chrometa
  3. Timecamp
  4. Toggl
  5. ManicTime
  • Do Not Nag

Although it is tempting to nag or repeatedly remind your teens about their schedule, this action only tolerates irresponsibility. Your teens should learn to be responsible on their own. What you can do to motivate them is to make them realize that even running a small business requires proper time management.

Also, some teens do not like being nagged. It will push them not to conform.

  • Teach Her How to Prioritize

One of the important life management skills includes prioritization. There is no use in teaching your teens scheduling their activities if the good times will come first. Just like what Brian Tracy used to say, you have to eat the worst-looking frog first. It means that you have to encourage your teens to do the activities that they do not want to do first.

Also, if there is a situation when there is a conflict of schedule, talk to your teens on how they should choose one activity over the other. Listen on what they have to say why they think they choose one activity over the other.

  • Give Her Some Free Time

Your teens are still teens. They need to socialize and enjoy their youth. For this reason, allow them to get some free time when they can do whatever they want.

  • Set Some Rules on the Use of Electronics

Teens love social media and the Internet. Therefore, it is not surprising if they get hooked up using their devices for hours. You know that it is not healthy to be on an electronic device for hours. It wastes their time and ruins their eyesight.

Therefore, you should set some rules on how you can use them. They can include it as a part of their free time. You can also use this opportunity to set the use of electronic devices as a reward for having a productive day.

Time management is one of the important life management skills. Poor time management will not make a successful entrepreneur even though your teens have tons of money-making ideas in mind. For this reason, it is important to teach them this skill now.

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