How to Help Your Teen Build a Sense of Self-Worth

Instilling an Entrepreneurial Mindset Builds Your Teen’s Self-Worth

What does having an entrepreneurial mindset have anything to do with building a teenager’s sense of self-worth? Well, a lot more than you may think.

Self-worth, or self-esteem, is needed to become successful in life. It is all about how much people like themselves, or how valuable they think they are. Teens who can develop healthy self-esteem early on find it easier to feel happy and contented with their lives.

The Road to Developing Self-Esteem Starts With Knowing Oneself

Adolescents find it especially challenging to develop self-esteem because they are at the stage of their lives where they are beginning to try out new things. It is normal for them to feel insecure and unenthusiastic at first. However, it is crucial that they soon start getting a sense of their worth because the effects of having low self-esteem can be lasting.

Entrepreneurship is also something that needs to be developed and can impart essential life management skills. When teenagers decide that they want to start running a small business, they will have to deal with their fair share of difficulties. They will also get a good grasp of what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Additionally, teen entrepreneurs can decide in advance if they want to pursue a business track. In other words, the journey to becoming an entrepreneur is akin to discovering more about oneself.

Why Is It Beneficial to Help Your Teen Build a Sense of Self-Worth?

Before listing down the advantages of having positive self-esteem, perhaps it is better that you first learn what are some characteristics of children who have low self-esteem. Apart from shying away from situations that seem too risky, teens who have low self-esteem may also experience the following struggles:

  • feeling angry, depressed, or restless
  • having no motivation to do anything
  • having a hard time maintaining relationships
  • struggling to make friends
  • resorting to illegal drugs or to alcohol to boost mood

With these in mind, you’ll probably realize that your high school kid will need all the help he can get to make sure that he develops positive self-esteem. This will make it easier for him to resolve problems in the future, try out new things, and generally face the world with confidence.

Thus, among other things, helping your high schooler develop his sense of self-worth offers these benefits:

  • find it easier to express likes and dislikes
  • handle disappointments and failures well
  • have a definite set of goals in life
  • firmly stand by principles
  • be more willing to form new bonds with people

The good news is these traits can easily be developed if teens run their own business. Tell them that in fact, some of the most famous entrepreneurs today are still in high school.

Since life is tough enough for them as it is, here are some ways to help them foster that entrepreneurial mindset:

1. Give your teens the chance to make their own decisions.

Business is all about making decisions. Your teens will get a better grasp of how choices affect their lives if you give them opportunities to make their own decisions in their business. Just make sure that you are always there to support them and to provide appropriate advice.

2. Encourage your high schooler to pursue his interest.

Have you ever heard your kids say, “I need motivation?” This probably stems from their doing something that doesn’t interest them. Encourage your teenager to explore different avenues, and go with a business that they are passionate about. Maybe they have several online business ideas. Or perhaps they want to set up a small business at home. Whichever they wish to pursue, allow them to explore and discover where their passion lies.

3. Urge your child to practice positive “self-talk.”

Some interesting articles for teens have revealed how anxiety and depression could result from negative self-statements. As they say, the mind is a very powerful thing. What teens think about themselves manifests in their behavior.

Teach your children how to talk to themselves positively. This will help them get through times of difficulty, or when things don’t seem to go their way. It also develops resilience which is not only a necessary trait in business but is also one of the most important life skills for teens.

4. Be ready to give compliments, even if they don’t succeed.

For teenagers, it means a lot when parents praise them for their accomplishments. It inspires them to always do their best in whatever task they want to undertake. However, keep in mind that it is just as important to be generous with compliments even for just putting up the effort. This lets them know that it’s alright to work hard for something even if it’s not guaranteed that they will get it.

5. Remind your teen that they still have to follow the rules.

Even if children are already high school students, they still need boundaries to keep them in check. Don’t forget to explain clearly why you expect them to follow your rules.

In business, there are also many regulations that need to be followed. When your teen becomes an entrepreneur, he will learn that there will be penalties or consequences when rules are not followed.

When teenagers realize that they are indeed worth something, they will not tend to look down on themselves when they experience disappointments or failures. Running their own business not only develops their confidence and independence, but it also helps them know more about themselves. So, if you have the future of your teen in mind, consider instilling an entrepreneurial mindset even as early as now.

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