How to Improve People Skills as a Teenager

If you want to change your game, focus on people skills. This seems hard but is a true statement. People skills can change your life. In fact, they serve as the road to be on top. I am not saying that you should forget about technical skills. They come in very handy as well. But you have to know that improving the hardest skills need more time.

Yes, it is not easy to improve people skills. You cannot just force yourself to accept other people or be nice. If other people make you uneasy, you don’t go out with them, right? You are made to protect yourself first. That’s what makes people skills the hardest ones. They require you to think of and protect others as well.

It is the same case with teenagers. They were taught to protect themselves from other people so they will not be hurt. Most of the time, parents forget to teach them to love and accept others too. Well, I cannot blame the parents. In this world, it’s not easy to trust easily and not be selfish.

What are people skills?

Do not think they are the skills which you can learn in school or in manuals. They are the ones you learn through dealing with others. These skills are the patterns in which you can follow when you need to talk to someone. They are about respecting others, building trust, and showing candor.

You can think of them in a simple way too. People skills help you to have a smooth talk with others. They teach people to be in charge of leading themselves to be better.

Why is it a must to improve people skills?

To be honest, parents and teachers focus on honing children to be smart. Again, there’s nothing wrong with that. Of course, that is the way for young adults to pass entrance exams and job interviews. But here’s how they can do just that.

Smart Leaders

Not all smart people can lead. In fact, being smart is not on the top of what makes a person the best leader. A leader becomes the best when he knows how to handle and motivate his people. People skills can do that. Even so, it’s also helpful if leaders are smart. After all, they need to understand how things work.

Friendly Teens

Going out of the comfort zone to open up for other people is a tough thing to do. With people skills, teens will know how helpful other people are. The good thing about people skills is that they help young adults to open up. They make them realize they are not alone.

Youngsters at Peace

Teens who know how to relate are calm and at peace. Each person lives by his own rules and beliefs. Problems are present all the time. But the ability to handle them is what makes a better result. Teens will know how to compromise or fight for what they stand for when they know it is right.

Ready-to-Work Teens

It’s a tougher time for teens as they move from being young adults to working ones. Not only paying bills can cause stress but also relating to others they do not know. People skills prepare them for adult life. It’s the time when no one holds back in saying words and doing things.

Good Members of Society

The world is a mess. But there are some ways to contribute to its rising. That is through the future of teens. Imagine a world where everyone knows how to relate to others. It is such a bright future, right?

Knowing how to improve people skills is tough. But you will get to know that as you move along. Take note, to improve people skills means to lead teens to a better life. Who else could help them do that? Of course, their parents or guardians.

How to improve people skills through the help of parents?

The first test of people skills is after a child was born. Crying is a way to tell that a baby is hungry or in pain. In fact, childhood is the most crucial stage in knowing how to improve people skills. This is the time when parents will see that their child is not at ease with others. They can also check if their child loves to talk to others.

This is also a time for cellphones, tablets, and laptops. There are children who end up loving these things that they do not know how to interact face-to-face. Parents might think this is just a childhood thing. But to be honest, children bring this until they grow older. They prefer staying at home instead of going out with others. Now, here are some tips for parents who want to improve the people skills of their children.

  • Talk and Listen

To improve people skills, a parent has to start in his home. Children talk and repeat what they say when they feel like no one cares. It is kind of annoying, right? But if parents would only listen, they will be spared from feeling this way.

Most of the time, parents think like, “Oh, he’s just a baby. He cannot teach me anything.” The point is about what children can gain from their parents and not the other way around. At this point, what children really want is to feel they are cared for.

  • Look Out

The second way on how to improve people skills is to check your child when there are other people. Take note that you cannot teach people skills only in your home. As a matter of fact, people skills are learned by children on their own. When they are with other people, discover if they talk too much or they are the one who listens. This will help you know what needs improvement.

  • Allow Children to Talk

It’s a lot easier when you do and say things for your child. But it robs them off of the chance to say what they want. How to improve people skills if you keep your child’s mouth shut? Allow your child to talk. Do not be afraid if he says the wrong thing. Instead, teach him what he has to say next time.

  • Do Good People Skills

It is through your own behavior that your child can learn. Do good people skills so that your child can follow you. Note that you are the first person your child can copy. You are his first friend. Along the way, you will see that your child is not the only one improved but you as well.

  • Being Kind

The last way on how to improve people skills is to teach your child kindness. It seems a simple thing but is hard to do. When your child is kind, he will think of others’ feelings. He will think about ways to help other people. Being kind helps in making your child put himself in someone else’s shoes.

  • Soft People Skills

Now that you know how to improve people skills of your children, it’s about time to check the soft people skills you would want them to have. Teens can gain these skills through their time with friends and other people.

  • High but not too High Self-Esteem

The first soft people skill that is needed for teens to relate well with others is believing that they can do it. This is a key to make any chat smooth and people at ease. High self-esteem allows them to convince others of what they are saying. Even though this is nice, teens also have to know their limits. Too high self-esteem may be seen as bragging and that is not good if they want to have friends.

  • Take Notice of Others

It’s a given fact that teens think of themselves. Although one good way of showing they care is by taking note of what others are saying. Simple eye contact can bring a big change to a chat. Also, it’s best for them to know how to listen actively. They will learn many things along the way. This soft people skill is the first step for teens to build good friendships.

  • Speak with a True Heart

Teens can have high self-esteem. They can also notice other people. But they will not keep friendships going if they are not true. Nothing beats a person who loves other people with a true heart. As a result, other people will be true as well. Not only will friendships last but trust will grow. A soft people skill of speaking with a true heart goes a very long way!

  • Knows when to Agree or Disagree

This soft people skill talks about teens being ready to take others’ point of view and sharing their own. This means setting aside own rules, if needed, for the good of others. When a teen knows the right action, he will be a good people person.

  • Knowing How to Make Others Believe

Another good soft people skill is knowing what to say to others that will make them believe. But this is not about lying to gain others’ trust. Instead, it is focused on telling the truth and allowing people to know what is in it for them. As a result, teens will also know how words can make a better change.

Do you know a people person?

Improving people skills are hard but there are living proofs that used them to succeed. These people have shown how to make people enjoy, discover, and understand through their talks. Here are some of them who step out of their comfort zone.

The Story of Jay Shetty

Jay grew as a shy and nerdy boy. Even so, he wants to make a change in the world even when he was young. As he grew older, he tried activities that caused him school suspension. After meeting a monk, he became one. This made a better change in his life. He decided to quit being a monk and went back home. Now, Jay shares his wisdom through videos, talks, and his site. Jay helped many people in any way he can.

The Story of C.S. Lewis

Not all communications are done through talking. Sometimes, you can change lives by writing. That is how C.S. Lewis does it. He left so many letters that help in building up the drives of people. C.S. changed many lives through his famous, Chronicles of Narnia. But behind the fantasy is a deeper meaning. He died but continues to live through his awesome works.

The Story of Catherine Hoke

Catherine is the founder of Defy Ventures which has the goal of helping others with social problems. They do this by providing training programs about business, work, and well-being. She realized, after touring Texas prisons that inmates are ready to take risks to earn. Because of this, she gave chances to a lot of people through the services she offers.

The Story of Mother Teresa

One of the people with the highest level of people skills is Mother Teresa. She used her life to help others especially the poor. She also worked as a teacher. Mother Teresa believed that even small things are worth doing as long as we do it with great love. She received the success she desired which was to love God through loving people.

What is the point?

Everyone needs to be good in school. But we all have to know that people skills are as needed as technical skills. Teenagers could be the smartest people in the room. But they will not succeed if they do not know how to relate to people. Parents can help them in improving their people skills.

But the best test of people skills is when they are in actual situations. They cannot predict what will happen and how people will react. Through this, they will know what will make them feel bad or good. It’s about time for teenagers to think about others to be better people of the world.

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