How to Motivate a Teenager

How to Motivate a Teenager to Do a More Productive Activity

If your children have no motivation to do anything, it is quite alarming. Motivation is one of the important ingredients of success and true happiness. Certainly, it is an important factor for getting things done.

Just imagine what kind of future the teens with no motivation to do anything will have. Consequently, it will negatively affect their success and happiness.

For this reason, it is important to teach your children how to keep themselves motivated even with the things that they do not want to do. First of all, know the different characteristics of motivation.

What Are Some Characteristics of Motivation?

  • Motivation is a never-ending process.
  • The person’s concept of himself or herself is a unifying force.
  • Motivation is a concept of an individual.
  • Motivation is a complicated phenomenon.
  • Failing to fulfill the man’s basic needs makes a person frustrated.
  • Motivation is not the same as manipulation, satisfaction, and inspiration.
  • Motivation affects the whole person.
  • Having a goal is a good motivation.

Now that you know the characteristics of motivation, you should know that if your children have no motivation to do anything, you should give them the right approach. Here are the tips to start.

  • Make Them Understand Why Doing a More Productive Activity Is Important

If you ask your teens to study or help you with the laundry, and they answer “motivate me,” It is a sign that they are not lazy. They are just not motivated.

Therefore, answer their request by making them understand the value of the tasks at hand. You can start by teaching them some life skills for teens, which include cooking, cleaning, and laundering. You know that these basic skills are important when your teens are on their own. Make your children realize that.

  • Teach Your Children to Make Money

Teaching your teens to make money will not only teach them how to survive in this world. It will also teach them the value of diligence, resilience, and persistence. You can motivate your children to start their blog or business. These activities are a productive way to use their time happily.

It should be enjoyable because the blog topic ideas should be about your teens’ interests. For this reason, your teens use their time more productively while enjoying themselves at the same time.

Running a business can also be enjoyable for your kids. It should be enjoyable to motivate them to pursue this business. For this reason, you should support them to start the business by providing products or services that they love.

One of your children does not have to become the richest kid in the world. The goal of this activity is to motivate your children to make use of their time in a more productive way. Furthermore, starting a business or a blog is a better way to make use of their time than to let them play games most of their time without achieving anything unless they are blogging about it.

  • Give them an Incentive for a Job Well Done

Rewarding them is one way of motivating them. It can be in the form of praise or reward. It is natural for all children to long for their parents’ approval. Therefore, express it if you must.

Sometimes, the parents are not expressive of their thoughts and feelings for their children. They are unaware of what this action can do to them. For this reason, give the incentive that your children deserve.

  • Inspire Them

If your children have no motivation to do anything, they might need a little inspiration. You can share a few affirmatives like some inspiration quotes for teens or inspirational real-life stories of people.

  • Let Your Teens Have a Voice

Teens want to experience some independence and self-awareness. One way to give these things to them is to let them have a voice of their own. Hence, listen to what they have to say.

If you want your teen to do something, let them voice out what is in their mind. Similarly, if your teen does not want to do it, ask them why. You can discuss the scheduling with them instead of just pushing them to do what you want.

If you find that your teens prefer to lie on a couch and browse on social media when you are asking them to do something more valuable, it does not mean that they are lazy. It only means that they have no motivation to do anything that seems not valuable to them.

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