How to Teach Digital Marketing to High School Students

There are various ways on how you can teach digital marketing to high school students. Being one of the hottest topics right now, digital marketing is also one of the most in-demand job opportunities in recent years.

Furthermore, it is also projected to grow continually until the near future. As such, delving into this field can be your teen’s path to success.

But, how can you teach digital marketing to teens and high school kids? You may not know it yet, but your kid has the potential of becoming the next big teen entrepreneur of the year. Your teenager might fancy being on the web and social media platforms these days.

As such, you can teach him or her how to make the hours spent on gadgets more productive. Teaching digital marketing would be a start toward the ladder of success. Here are some guidelines on how to start teaching digital marketing to teens.

1. Why Is Digital Marketing Important?

Whether you want to teach your teen a quick lesson on digital marketing or a more thorough one, it is important to start at the basic. Why is digital marketing important? In what ways can digital marketing benefit them? What can digital marketing do for them? How can digital marketing help them to achieve great success?

The best way to start teaching teens anything is to highlight why the lesson is crucial. You can discuss the importance and benefits of digital marketing by stating that digital marketing can:

• First, help people find answers, products they are looking for, and solutions to their problems
• Second, help smaller businesses compete with bigger ones
• Third, help reach people through the internet

2. What Are the Principles of Digital Marketing?

Next, you have to teach the principles of digital marketing to the teens. The principles of digital marketing are quite the same as that of traditional marketing even if their methods are different.

You can sum it all up by saying that marketing is about young entrepreneurs engaging their chosen customer demographic and encouraging them to buy without doing a hard sell on the products and services.

3. What Are the Various Digital Marketing Strategies?

The things that make digital marketing unique and effective are the ideas and strategies behind them. When it comes to digital marketing, there are countless strategies you can teach budding successful teen entrepreneurs. Discussing all of them might take you a very long time.

But, the best strategies to teach teens when it comes to digital marketing include:

• Social Media Marketing

It is the strategy of interacting with previous and potential customers using social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and more.

• Content Marketing

This is a digital marketing strategy of answering the questions of potential customers or simply providing them quality content they might need.

• Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This strategy is about refining the company’s website so that they will appear in users’ search results.

• Email Marketing

It is a digital marketing strategy of sending targeted emails to potential customers who have signed up for newsletters and notifications from the company.

4. Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Understanding the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing can be crucial. But, if you want to teach it to your high school teen, it can simply be broken down into two major points.

• Digital marketing is about bringing potential customers to the company while traditional marketing is more on the company reaching out to potential customers.

• Generally speaking, digital marketing has a higher return or investment (ROI) compared to traditional marketing.

5. Stay Up-to-Date with Interesting Articles for Teens

The road to success is always under construction. The same goes for the trends in digital marketing. While it offers a lot of advantages and opportunities, it is constantly changing. Thus, it is crucial to stay up-to-date. However, this is often hard to do as updates may come as fast as every day. Sometimes it may even be more often than that.

But, you can teach teens to stay up-to-date with the trends in digital marketing by letting them read interesting articles for teens from reputable publications. Various publications such as Search Engine Journal, The Moz Blog, and Search Engine Land keep track of all the changes in the digital marketing industry.

Starting to learn all these may seem overwhelming at first, but this is completely normal. After all, people fear what they don’t understand. After your kid starts to learn the basics and he becomes interested in the field, then you won’t need to do the bulk of the work already. You just have to guide him and act as his daily motivator in the road to success.

Before your high school kid becomes the next fearless leader in the world of business, starting him or her with the foundation and nuances of digital marketing might prove to be one of the key success factors that can greatly help. With this guideline plus all the resources available on the internet right now, there would be no stopping fostering the outward mindset for teens.

In no time and as early as they come, you can start to teach digital marketing to high school students, especially its principles and methods. This way, the young ones would have one more significant skill and knowledge up their sleeve and reach the standards for success.

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