How to Teach Sales Skills to Teens

5 Tips on How to Teach Sales Skills to Teens for Life-Long Success

Learning how to teach sales skills to teens can help them achieve a bright future and great success. You might not know it, but your high school kid might be the next teen entrepreneur of the year or one on the list of richest kids in the world. All you need to do to achieve this ultimate goal is to foster the right skills to help them in the future. You, as the parent, are the primary success coach of your high schooler.

Acquiring sales skills at an early age can provide your high school student career security in the future. Sales roles are not just high paying, but these are also flexible and in demand in a variety of industries as well.

As such, it is vital that your teen becomes familiar with these skills as early as possible. It can significantly help him climb the ladder of success. Who knows, your kid can be the CEO of his or her very own company. To aid you, here are some tips on how to teach sales skills to your teen.

1. Teach Them to Earn Money by Working Hard

Up until now, your high school kid might have been getting an allowance, and that is normal. But, at their age, they can already start learning how they can have extra earning by working hard.

You can encourage teens to find money making ideas and opportunities either at home or within the community. Let them realize why it is important for them to set the goal of saving money for themselves.

If your budget can afford it, try offering to raise you teens’ allowance if they do the laundry or mow the lawn. Older teens can also walk the dog and babysit for other people in the neighborhood. Or, they can sell stuff during state fairs.

In whatever way they choose to earn money, you want to teach them that when they work harder, they can get paid more. Being goal oriented to earn and save more can help them become more independent and confident with their capabilities.

2. Help Them Develop Their Listening and Communication Skills

When it comes to sales skills, young entrepreneurs know that listening and communication skills come hand in hand as key success factors.

To be an excellent salesperson, one has to master the ability to listen to his or her customers. Being great in both written and oral communication will also help them better interact with their potential customers.

Teach them how to express their thoughts crisply and clearly instead of just blabbering whatever comes in their mind. Great salesperson’s assets include a thorough and convincing speech.

3. Help Foster Their Self-confidence

No successful salesperson simply stayed at the back of the room, cowering, and just blending on the background. Salespersons talk to people, especially to potential customers. As such, one has to have self-confidence. It is an important trait for both kids and adults.

Encourage your high school teens on whatever they like to do. That will help them believe in themselves and foster their self-confidence.

If your teen has some online business ideas, it is best to encourage him or her towards success. But, failure is a part of life. While your kid might be too excited to make a sale, help them realize that there are always risks involved in every success path. Support and encouragement are crucial.

4. Teach Them About Giving Value First

The best sales skill for young entrepreneurs across America is not the “sell, sell, sell” mindset. Rather, it is crucial that you give value to the customers first.

Success in sales comes as a by-product of providing customers what they need, something of value to them. Everyone likes people who bring value to their lives and not just those who just want to sell and earn money.

Teach your teens the value of giving value to customers first. After all, the repeat customers make a salesperson even more successful.

5. Teach Them to Balance a Checkbook

Aside from the skills that can make your kid a great salesperson as he or she grows up, it is also important to help them learn other skills such as balancing a checkbook.

While he or she practice sales, mastering how to manage and track what cash goes in and out is a fundamental skill for young entrepreneurs. When your teens become successful salespersons, they start earning their own money. As such, it is necessary to teach them how to spend and save it responsibly.

Show your teenager what deposits and withdrawals are and how to arrange them in a ledger. Show them how to use the ledger to track their finances and balance their deposits and withdrawals. You can also teach them to use bank forms, especially if they are planning to open a personal savings account.

The sooner you get started in teaching your teenagers sales skills, the sooner they can realize its advantages and benefits. You can also let them watch motivational videos to help them be more encouraged to improve their sales skills. With even the slight improvement to each of these skills, they can master skills that will help better their quality of life in the future.

With your help and guidance, your teens can learn sales skills that will help them achieve life-long success.

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