Importance of Soft Skills

Many parents are proud of their children whenever they achieve awards like the “Math Wizard” award or the “Best in Spelling” award. But would they be proud if their children are good at initiating a conversation with others? I guess, not everyone.

Schools teach teens important subjects such as Science, Mathematics, and English. On the other hand, they leave students to decide about the strategies in finishing their school works. A science teacher will not specify that “Today, I am teaching you the importance of patience.” Instead, he will just say, “This is our experiment. Discover how it works; present it to the class the next meeting.”

Soft skills are the attributes that schools do not teach. Some people call these skills the power, durable or human skills. I like to call them the winning skills.

Soft Skills as Winning Skills

Usually, we use the word soft to describe a vulnerable, sensitive or weak person or thing. Yet, soft skills are the opposite. They make people strong and equipped.

Soft skills are actually the personal attributes of people that would help them have good relationships with other people. They are certain approaches that a person uses to face life, relationships, and even in building or sustaining their business.

I call them winning skills because they are as important as hard skills in order to win life’s battles. These are also vital in the execution of technical skills.

Importance of Soft Skills Development in Teens

Teenage years are one of the most critical stages in a person’s life. Why? Teens face changes in the physical, emotional, and mental aspects of their lives. It is a total 360-degree “modification” from what they were used to.

Why is it important to focus on developing soft skills?

  • Soft skills pump up the curious minds to act!

Teens are known for their curiosity. Society sees this in a negative way, especially that this is the common reason for them to try cigarettes, drugs, and sex. However, there is also a positive power of teen curiosity.

Soft skills are the closest friends of teenagers which lift them up and challenge them to always be better. They provide the proper push for young adults’ ideas to turn into actions.

Some teenagers are shy; others are not. Soft skills give them the chance to see themselves beyond their fears and doubts.

  • Soft skills prepare soldiers for the battles inside their minds!

Young adults also have the tendency to think negatively of themselves. Many of them struggle with their self-image and identity because of the standards and expectations of society. These experiences are part of the changes they experience in their bodies and minds as they transition from childhood to adolescence.

Nonetheless, positive attitudes also grow from negative situations. Soft skills help in encouraging these young soldiers to realize that the changes within themselves are temporary and can definitely be mastered eventually.

  • Soft skills make the path to success clear!

Teenagers want to pursue different careers in the future. Some will say they want to be doctors or pilots or businessmen. Soft skills assist in the application of these dreams. There are improvements in the outlook of the youth and their future careers through building soft skills.

Moreover, soft skills make students understand lectures easier which results in having an edge over other individuals. They will have clearer goals since they have the right attitude and mindset.

  • Soft skills unleash the true potential of teenagers!

Parents can discover what their children can and cannot do through observing their soft skills. Children who are exposed to challenging situations are the ones most likely to develop different soft skills that parents thought were not there.

Through soft skills, parents will discover that their children may have a future as an artist, a scientist or an inventor. There is no need for you to push your kid to do something he does not like. It would just come out naturally.

Oftentimes, teenagers would commit mistakes and failures. However, parents should not give up because these situations show their child’s hidden potential. It will help your child discover a portal inside him that would empower him.

  • Soft skills strengthen relationships!

Young adulthood is also the time when a teen interacts with other groups of people aside from his family or relatives.

With the necessary soft skills, a child will learn to deal with different kinds of personalities he did not encounter before. He will also learn to decide which relationships are worth keeping and which are not.

Soft Skills for Developing and Maintaining Relationships of Teenagers

Teenage years are the time when teenagers begin to have acquaintances, friendships or romantic relationships. Strengthening the following soft skills is needed to enhance any type of relationship.

1. Verbal Communication

Emotions are not there just to make a teen uneasy or unsure. They need to be communicated with trustworthy people to improve openness and trust.

No one can guess what a person really feels inside. Through communication, teenagers learn to be vocal and open about any concern.

Furthermore, communication is not just about talking, it is also about listening. Young adults will also learn to relate and realize that maybe other teenagers are on the same boat as theirs.

2. Adaptability

People who have different beliefs and set of values are involved in relationships. That is what makes relationships hard to sustain. Even so, knowing that teenagers are high in risk-taking, they also have high possibilities of welcoming the changes and differences around them.

Adaptability is very important because it is a way to increase understanding between relationships. This also allows both parties in decision-making.

3. Empathy

Empathy is one of the important soft skills which focuses on the ability to feel and understand other people’s concerns and feelings.

With this soft skill, a young adult learns that he has an impact on other people that is why he becomes extra careful about his words and actions.

Soft Skills for Young Entrepreneurs

Teenagers who want to be young entrepreneurs also need to improve their soft skills. Here are some of the soft skills required for a successful business venture:

1. Time Management

As a young entrepreneur, a young adult should know the tasks that need to be prioritized. He should continue the habit of sticking to the deadline he set because he has no boss to push him except himself.

There is always a time for work, for leisure and for having fun. Time management is vital to have a successful business. Without it, a person won’t be organized and make sound decisions.

Some young entrepreneurs have their business while still studying. This soft skill will really help them do more in just a short period and to do things simultaneously.

2. Communication

Communication increases opportunities for getting clients and improving sales. The proper way of communicating is to make other people understand you clearly. In young entrepreneurs, this is very crucial but still possible. It is hard to convince people because of teenagers’ age and lack of experiences.

That is why it is also important to improve other means of communication such as listening, writing and presenting. People have to see and believe that communication knows no age.

3. Problem-solving

Young entrepreneurs, like other entrepreneurs, will face different problems through the journey of their business. They have to discover how to always look at the bigger picture of things so they could find the real cause of the problem.

They have to ask other experts as well who might have experienced the same problem. With this soft skill, creativity and analytical thinking will also improve.

4. Leadership

At an early age, children will be good leaders when they already experienced being a good follower. Teens also need to lead themselves first before they could lead other people.

Young entrepreneurs who already established their teams shall know strategic ways on how to prove authority without being too bossy or demanding. In this way, their team will truly respect and support them with their efforts.

5. Flexibility

Young entrepreneurs need to realize that business is based on trends. They have to recognize the changes around them. It is very important to think outside the box.

In addition, innovation is one of the keys for a business to progress and move forward. They should also understand that some things won’t work for them. But that does not mean they have to stop since opportunities are endless.

6. Customer Service

Customer Service should be one of the priorities in business. Without it, all the other soft skills will be disregarded. Why? Well, a business without a customer will not prosper.

Customer Service is about knowing the needs of your customer and satisfying them through being professional, considerate and helpful. There are many ways to show customer service. The simplest of those is a young entrepreneur’s smile. This can change the mood of his customer.

Roles of Parents in Developing Soft Skills

It is more effective when soft skills are developed while children are still young.

  • Be a good model

The first thing that children do is to imitate their model – parents or guardians. To develop a certain soft skill, do it so your child would have someone to see and copy. Eventually, he won’t need a model anymore because he already adopted the attitude.

  • Make your child feel your support.

Aside from a child’s confidence about himself, acting on his ideas also depends on the support you give. Teens will know how to execute these ideas when you are supportive. Giving your opinion also helps them improve further.

  • Give rewards or commendations.

A reward can be a material thing or a simple good job! Children love to hear positive things. But also make sure that your children will not depend on these rewards. They need to understand and get used to doing things without waiting for something in return.

  • Ask questions.

Give your child time to think and be creative. Through some probing questions, you will also know the level of his thinking and how well it improves along the way.

  • Let them explore.

Allowing children to explore is not about neglecting them. It is about trusting them to think about decisions and the possible consequences. It is still important for them to know that no matter what happens, you are still there for them.

Soft Skills Training Courses by Risepreneur

Soft skills training courses help in unleashing teenagers’ potentials aside from their parents’ guidance. Risepreneur is one of the most reliable providers of soft skills training courses.

What is Risepreneur?

It provides services to teenagers by teaching them how to start their business and develop their life skills while they are studying.

What are Their Goals?

Risepreneur desires to allow teenagers globally through the use of education to eventually reach self-actualization. They use soft skills training courses as well as mentoring and coaching to meet this goal.

What are Their Beliefs?

Risepreneur believes that core values dictate behavior. They have 8 core values which are education, compassion, commitment, balance, integrity, communication, abundance and gratitude.

How it Works

Risepreneur provides soft skills training courses that are composed of the 12 stages of thinking and acting like real entrepreneurs. They also have mentors who work with teenagers one-on-one. Aside from this, they also promote bonding with parents because they give homework assignments.

Risepreneur allows teenagers to meet other students for sharing of ideas and support. Guest leaders are also invited so that teens can get some useful insights from them. Risepreneur does not stop there. They also make sure that the growth their customers is continuous that is why they have progress monitoring.

What Makes it Unique?

Aside from the soft skills training courses it offers, Risepreneur encourages teenagers to succeed as young entrepreneurs. It collaborates with parents to achieve this success. Akbosh, the founder and CEO, believes that confidence is one of the key factors in overcoming life’s challenges.

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