Lacking Will Power

You know, I keep throwing a bunch of different words out there, you know, like habit and discipline, you know, what it takes to be a success. What are some of the habits of successful people?

Well, there’s another word I want you to think about. I want you to think about willpower and people say well, how do you have the willpower to carry on and continue? You know what it is? I’ve got another word that goes together with willpower. It’s called consistency.

The way you develop willpower is you consistently have the discipline to develop your habit to become the success that you want. See, if you habitually, consistently discipline yourself, that’s where the willpower comes from.

Anyways, do you have the willpower to succeed? That’s what we’re doing. We’re helping you with your willpower, we’re helping you with your consistency, your discipline to develop the habit to be strong. Take care.

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