Top 10 Most Successful Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

The best time to start your own business is now. Ask others when, even the successful ones, and you will get the same answer. If you are young or old enough, it does not matter as long as you want to do it. I believe age is not a big deal. Only bravery is. The real question is, will you do it now?

It might be a bit too much when you think about it. But try to look at your goal. Will you do it so you could pay on your own? Do you need to buy something? No matter how small or big your goals are, use them as your anchor to achieve your dreams. This is a great piece of advice mostly to young adults who feel lost but really wanted to start a business.

You might be a teen who thinks of stopping because you’ve got nothing in your hands unlike the older ones. But, I tell you, there are many good reasons why you should not. Do you know what you’ve got? You have time, energy, and enthusiasm. I believe those are great tools to start! There are other reasons why, but I will not bore you with that. Let us head straight to how you can start your own small business.

How to put up a small business?

These steps will help you know where and how to start. You might discover that you already know how to do some of these things. The use of these tips, however, depend on the kind of small business you will have.

Think and List Them Down

Everything starts with an idea, so the first thing to do is think of the businesses you would like to have. You may focus on what makes you happy. You can also ask the people you trust about it. Do not think about how to do it yet. Just think of something you could start on. List them down and sort them based on their likeness. You can also rank them from least to most. Make sure to have top business ideas. Pick the most after weeks or months and focus on it to do the next step.

Do Your Studies

You can now start to do your research. There are enough information to check online and from books on how you should do your work. You can also ask those who started to know how they are doing. Researching is a great tool to prepare you for what is to come along the way. Even challenges arise, you can, at least, be prepared by knowing how your business works.

Plan So You Won’t Regret It

You should have a goal in doing your business. You need a direction and a way to get there. You can only do so by planning, which is one of the reasons why many businesses succeed. Your plan shall include things about your business, the products, as well as other people you will compete with. Planning is the key to knowing what you need to do to get your goal. Through it, you can make your small business reach many lives around the world.

Choose the Best Name

Choosing a name seems like an easy task but many had a hard time doing it. It is not just about having a cute name which you like or naming your business after your favorite actor. You can do so. But choosing the best name is a way to be known by other people. It is a plan to get others’ attention to focus on what you are offering. It plays a great role in your success so make sure you make it good. You also have to check if what you thought of is unique. You do not want to show as if you copied a name from other businesses.

Process Your Papers

Some businesses do not need this because they are small and they operate as a one-person business. But there are others that need to work on their legal papers. It is better that at this early stage, you start working on them. You can ask for help from an expert to do it. But you can also do it through research and study.

Get the Right People

If you plan to hire some people, you need to make sure you are getting the right ones. Don’t think about being young because there are people who can ace any job while remaining down to earth. To do this, know the roles you need and the job of each role. Use them as the bases for finding the right fit. Check the qualifications of people and make sure they meet what you need. You also need to check someone you feel you can trust and work with for a very long time.

Work, Work, and Work

Now that you are done with all the initial parts, you can now do your job. That is to offer and do the service or sell your items. What you are thinking is finally coming into life! But things do not end here. You have to continue sharing your business so it could reach other people. You can do it by sharing online through sites or doing videos. You can also ask your friends or family to give comments about what you offer. Take note that your business will cost you time and effort so better check your schedule as well.

Ask Others

One way of knowing how your business works is by asking your friends and family. Choose the people who would honestly tell you their opinions. Getting their comments allows you to realize what you need to change or adjust. Take note that you have to prepare yourself to be able to accept them. You can also ask for the first few people who availed your service or products. You can use a form asking their opinion. You can request them to rate you. You can also ask them to give their suggestions.

Get Partnership

Work with other young entrepreneurs so you can all build each other up. Widen your circle to know more about trends and at the same time have more customers. This can also save you from financial burdens and debts. There is a chance that you can afford to get a location rather than working alone. If you are a student, you can split the work with your partner so you can do other things. In addition, you will get more support when it comes to ideas and concerns. You will see the business for other people’s eyes.

How to make a small business successful?

You can say that a business is successful when it serves its goal and was able to help other people. Aside from financial gain, a business becomes one of the best when it makes every person feel satisfied about its product or service. Wondering how to do just that? Check out these tips on how you can make your small business turn from good to great!

Focus on making people feel they are number one!

A business continues to grow as long as there is at least one person who believes in it. If you have loyal customers, it will definitely be easier to grow your small business. It is best to check your customer service. Are you thinking about other people when you do your actions? Do you focus on just earning? Do your products meet what they need? There is nothing wrong with following what you want for your business. But if you serve specific people, you have to know their opinions as well. The most successful small business ideas are aligned with others’ ideas as well.

Allow people to spread the news!

The most successful small business ideas should be shared not only to your team members but to other people as well. You can do that by applying the first tip I have mentioned. Of course, you should not force people to tell how great you are or how helpful your services are. Allow them to see your value. When they finally realize that, they will tell good things to others eventually. This is a nice way to reach other people you cannot connect with.

Boost, boost, boost!

You also have to develop your own way of letting your business reach others. Make sure that you boost your business by creating and giving ads, flyers, events, freebies, and other things. Think of ways that you could share the goodness of your products or services without having to spend more than what you have.

Have your online world!

Majority of people do things online. Why? Because it’s way easier and faster. That is why it is best to create your own online world. This could be the home of your brand where you can post anything. Make sure people can search about your business. You can also put how people can contact you if they want to order.

Lessen your costs!

As much as possible, hire only the people you need and get the service that will be of great help to your business. Do not hire others just because they look nice. People could also convince you to get their services. Always know that it is okay to say no to someone. This will lessen your costs. Review how much you have spent, the amount you gained, and how much will you spend again to continue the business.

Make your people matter!

Like what I have mentioned earlier, you have to get the right people in starting a business. Now to make your business successful, you have to focus on making the right people stay. You can only do that by letting them feel and know that they matter to you. Train them well to make their skills better. Treat them right to make them stay.
Stay healthy!

I know you are facing a lot. You are a student, a child, a friend, and a dreamer. You have other things to think of aside from your business. Put in mind that you cannot do these things if you are not healthy. Earning is nothing if you will just use the cash to pay for your hospital bills. Find a time for having fun or hanging out with your friends. After all, you are still young and you deserve to be happy. I’m not saying you throw your dream away but use your time wisely. If you stay healthy, you will have a fresher mind to accomplish more.

Top 10 Most Successful Small Business Ideas

Let us take a look at the top 10 most successful business ideas that might also work for you. These are common ideas which worked for others because of their determination and patience. Do not limit yourself or think that you cannot because you are young. If other people can, you can too!

The Most Successful Business Idea 1: Food and Drinks

Thinking of something people always need? That is right! You can start a food and beverage business. If you are a foodie or you love cooking, you’re on the right track. You can have your own restaurant, bar, or deliver online. This type of business idea covers the process of preparing and serving food and drinks to others. This is one of the most successful small business ideas because of a reason which you will learn along the way.

Pros and Cons of the Food and Drinks Business

The good thing about this is that every day seems like a fresh start. You cannot tell the people you will encounter on a specific day. Hence, you will not feel bored. Moreover, food tasting is a fun thing to do. You get to discover various food and drinks. You will learn new things! This business also widens your learning about other cultural dishes. Your mental and physical strength will be tested every day.

On the other hand, prepare to lose some time with your friends because this will require your commitment. Some people will not like what you have to offer even though you spend most of your time preparing for it. You have to meet standards to ensure safety of others.

Inspiring Food and Beverages Business

I believe lemonade is one of the most refreshing beverages in the world. Mikaila Ulmer didn’t think about that at first. But ever since being stung by a bee and receiving her grandmother’s cookbook, her life had a full circle turn! From these incidents, she founded the Me & the Bees Lemonade. She used honeybees and her grandmother’s lemonade recipe to do one of the most famous lemonade drinks today.

The Most Successful Business Idea 2: Clothes and Shoes

Looking for the right stuff to sell? Open your closet and check your old clothes! Another great business idea is anything that has to do with clothes and shoes. If you are into fashion, styling, and want to dress up, this is for you. Turn your fashion into passion as you share your style with other people.

Pros and Cons of the Clothes and Shoes Business

When you do this business, you are able to do what you love. You have the chance to style other people and teach them how to discover their own style. You can help them gain confidence through your clothes and shoes. Moreover, you do the job on your own without worrying what your boss will tell you. You get to do things at your own pace and time. In addition to that, clothing business is one of the few which help you build a name in the world.

On the other hand, having this business posts a great risk. When you are still new, you have a name to build and a budget to work on. You need to spend wisely or else, everything will turn into nothing. Just always take note that you are helping people. They will feel that in every cloth or shoe you make or sell. You are here not just to earn but to make others feel confident.

Inspiring Clothes and Shoes Business

Moziah “Mo” Bridges started creating bow ties when he was 11 years old. He was taught by his grandmother to cut and sew fabric. Later on, he was able to have a deal with NBA! Mo is another kid who tells us that everything is possible!

The Most Successful Business Idea 3: Childcare

This is for you if you want to help parents who are both working, a single mom, and anyone who does not have a time to take care of a child. There is a high need for childcare service nowadays. With this business, you get to enjoy taking care of children and even babies. Your love for kids will grow more as you bond with them.

Pros and Cons of the Childcare Business

A childcare business is practical because it can also be home-based. It can help owners not worry about spending too much. Moreover, doing it does not need a person with very high educational background. Many short courses are offered to those who want to learn childcare. In addition, you are able to help parents and children when you have this business. You give parents the chance to work while feeling good because they know that their children are well taken care of.

On the other hand, parents lose their quality time with their children. Owners have to spend money if they have a place or they need equipment. They also need people to work for them. When the business grows, the owner has to expand which is kind of costly. Furthermore, childcare services need plenty of time. Majority of parents leave their children early in the morning and get them at night.

Inspiring Childcare Business

One of the most popular childcare services founded by a teenager is Nannies by Noa. Noa is a 16-year old girl who offers full-service childcare through her agency. She serves many families who are in need. Noa dreams big which she got right now. She is a motivation!

The Most Successful Business Idea 4: Gaming

If you are having fun of playing games, this is the business for you to start. Through this, you get to play online or offline games while earning. You can think of a fun game to create and sell it to other people. You can talk about games through making videos to encourage other people to buy them. This also allows you to relate with groups of people who share the common desire.

Pros and Cons of Gaming Business

At this age, gaming is pretty much a good way to spend your money. Many teenagers will have fun and enjoy when they get to hang out with other gamers. The good thing here is that you also enjoy what you do. You discover many things about games and other gamers. You also have the chance to think of a new game of your own.

However, many games are violent and cruel. This affects many children and teenagers. This may also lead to addiction. Moreover, this is kind of costly because of the things needed. You also have to keep up with the trend. If there are new releases, you need to focus on that and remove the older versions of games. Having your invention come to life is very costly as well.

Inspiring Gaming Business

Jordan Maron successfully introduced his gaming studio called XReal. One of his famous video games is Minecraft. Jordan is also a YouTuber. You might think that being a drop out won’t do him any good. But look at him now. He is an innovator who inspires many people!

The Most Successful Business Idea 5: Content Writing

If you love to read, write, and share anything, check this business. This allows you to express your feelings while getting paid which we call blogging. In addition, you can create your own stories and send it to a publisher. You can also write for people who do not have enough time to do it. You can be a lot of things with this business. Somehow, it is also a very personal type as it asks you to share what you feel and think about a certain topic.

Pros and Cons of Content Writing Business

The good thing about content writing is that you have the choice to try things. You can try different ways of writing depending on the need of your client. It can also be a cheap business. You just need to invest on your computer or laptop and you are good to go. If you write for other people, you do not need your own website. But if you do for yourself, you do not have to spend that much. In fact, you can gain the money you spent back through ads and sponsorship from others.

The down side here is that you do not have your own specific tone, voice or style of writing. You have to follow your client, if you are writing for another person. You also have to change these things depending on the topics you get. Content writing is hard as well because you have to come up with new ideas all the time.

Inspiring Content Writing Business

You might have read about this guy who started a website full of information when he was 19. That is right! It’s Pete Cashmore, the founder of Mashable which is a site that has news, information and other writings that you might need. From a tech blog, he was able to make his site grow through covering other topics. He truly deserved all the awards he got!

The Most Successful Business Idea 6: Tutoring

Fond of teaching children and other people? Go ahead and start this business. You can go to your students’ home or open your house for them to go. This is not that costly but needs being smart and having the right attitude. Becoming a tutor is very helpful for you and your client because you keep on learning, you share it to them, and there is a chance for you to gain friends.

Pros and Cons of Tutoring Business

The good thing about this is that you will gain good relationship with parents and your students. You can aid them to realize that there is still hope when it comes to studying. Another thing is that you do not have to start at a high cost. You can buy learning materials at a cheaper price. Moreover, this business does not need you to have a certain degree as long as you have knowledge with specific areas. You can also teach all subjects if you will work hard for it!

The challenge comes when you have to be very patient because some students do not want to learn. You cannot and should not force them so you have to think of other ways for them to still learn. In addition, you should not stop studying which can be a tiring thing for some. Also, you do not have a hold with your schedule that much because it depends on your students.

Inspiring Tutoring Business

Learning can also be done online. In fact, it is easier and faster. That is what Erik Finman provided his clients through Botangle. Botangle is an online education business which allows students to find the right person for one-on-one tutoring. Teachers will teach students through online video chat. How convenient is that?

The Most Successful Business Idea 7: Accessories

You can put your creations to the next level by selling them to others. Creating accessories allows you to have your own personal way of expressing your creative side. Jewelries have big impact to improving clothing style. It is very helpful to boost self-confidence.

Pros and Cons of Accessories Business

This business enables you to do what you love. You can use your own style in your products. Moreover, you can work from home and do not have to pick a costly space. You can even do it online. It would be easy to change the product depending on your customers. However, jewels should be of quality hence, you need to get high quality materials. Creating can consume most of your time. Also, doing the same craft can be boring over time.

Inspiring Accessories Business

Bella Weems turned her hobby to a business. She founded Origami Owl to share her love for jewelry. She created lockets, charms and chains. Later on, she was able to partner with other designers. Aside from the money she gets, Bella is able to do what she love and share it to other people.

The Most Successful Business Idea 8: Cleaning

Do you want to make use of your love for cleaning? This idea might work for you. You can help families and even industries with this business. The cleaning business covers wide range of services. You can do janitorial, maid, and other cleaning services. You can do this full time or part time.

Pros and Cons of Cleaning Business

The good thing about this business is that you can earn enough money quickly. Many companies pay for this service because they prioritize a clean work environment. You can also do this in homes. You have the chance to do things on your own or hire people to do them for you. But if you will start big, this can be costly because of the equipment you need. You have to make sure that you provide high quality service so it is best to study about cleaning and hire the right people to do it.

Inspiring Cleaning Business

Make your house squeaky clean through the help of Katie Pearse who founded the Green Clean Squad. She started from nothing but she now earns a lot because she believed in the fire she had. She believed that being able to make her ideas come to life is the best way to go.

The Most Successful Business Idea 9: Developer

This is the best business for those who love new things. You can do anything with this kind of business as long as you have the mind that never stops and a brave heart. This business is about developing a web, product, or concept. Majority of what we use today are from the people who took the risk of being a developer.

Pros and Cons of Developer Business

The good thing here is that you have the chance to do a new thing and share it to other people. You improve your skills by being observant of what others need. You initiate change. Moreover, you are not tied to one product or a standard. If one invention didn’t work out, you can think of another one to save your business.

On the other hand, it is hard to look for something new given the state of this generation. Sometimes, you will have the same product as other developers but with different design. It is a challenge to predict what people will choose because they all have different expectations.

Inspiring Developer Business

Meet Donny Ouyang, a web developer, a student, and a successful entrepreneur. He started as a hacker but know he is a businessman. He has founded a web development company called Kinkarso Tech. What’s good about Donny is he remains your average teenager.

The Most Successful Business Idea 10: Online

The last in our top 10 most successful business ideas is online business which covers everything that you want to do. If you cannot decide on what to do yet, try doing anything online. You can do buy and sell, connect with people or post online. You can maintain the social media of others. What I am saying is, the chances are endless. Try any business until you find the one that you think works well for you.

Pros and Cons of Online Business

Like what I’ve mentioned before, online business enables you to do anything you want to do. Somehow, it is not as costly as having your own place or website. You can use existing websites or apps to post your products. You can provide service through talking to the owners of specific service. You can sell and provide all the products and services offered from the businesses listed above.

The down side is that other people want to see products in a physical store. Some people do not trust reviews and comments by others unless they see the product. Another thing is that you have to try very hard for people to notice you. There are many online businesses out there. That is why it is best to have your own touch in your services or products. Always look for something that will make you unique.

Inspiring Online Business

You may consider Cameron Johnson as a multitasker! When he was 9, he started his greeting card company called Cheers and Tears. Later on, he discovered that selling products from a known company that time on eBay is a good business. From there, many projects were created. Cameron is now a 28-year old successful man.


Do not be limited by the top 10 most successful small business ideas. The opportunities around the world are endless. The only person that could stop you from discovering them is yourself. If you want to start a business, start now.

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