Top 3 Best Entrepreneur Movies for Teens

Everyone that regards that this is not the best era to be alive at any age may be, is an unaware and out of date childhood nostalgic nerd. The only species that survives is the one that has the capability to adapt and this is the brutal truth that needs to be accepted so as not just to survive, but also be happy. We can’t survive just because we want to or just because we may think “we deserve it”. We will mentally survive if we have the two following notions:

1. Kindness

2. Tools

The first notion is nothing without the second. And the second without the first is even worse, it is dangerous. However, to be real to ourselves, they are both plain to be gained and more importantly, they are both an inside job.

The younger a person is, the more thriving the results will be, as long as to person is self-aware and committed to the goal. Dreams are enticing and everyone loves them. There is no human with no dreams about what he or she wants to have in life. This is common and there is nothing great about it. The great part is when it comes to what they do daily to get what they think they deserve, the results are ridiculous.

What we do every day shapes our future. What we do in our free time shapes our mindset and gives us the tools to work. This is what we need to show to our teenagers. We need the best entrepreneur books and best entrepreneurs movies to give knowledge and motivate them. These are the tools they need to use so as to get their first blog topic ideas and get into the entrepreneur mindset.

We are a paradigm for them and we need to show them that we are creative humans that love to be self-motivated and creative. Forget the mentality of just talking to your child about what he can accomplish. Children watch your daily life, they almost never listen to what you just say and this is normal. This is what we did too and the story goes on.

Our kids are very lucky to be alive today. They can enjoy both the pleasures of the past. Nature, adventures, and life still happen all around us. The superpower difference is that these kids are the first people in known human history that can choose between their neighborhood and the knowledge of the whole world and the universe! They have the option of knowing about scientific researches, historical facts that happen in real time, get to know young entrepreneurs across America and the whole world, and generally have the awareness and knowledge that people in the past could never even imagine!

These are all your child needs to obtain all the teen entrepreneur characteristics and even become the richest kid in the world! They can choose from different kinds of new extremely profitable professions and start even before they finish high school! Teenagers can even pay off their college loans and attend university classes from all around the world for free!

Tell me once again how this world changes for the worse and I will bring my drink on the table.

All these kids need is for their close environment to be aware of these changes. To be informed about what is going on and help them reach it. If the close environment doesn’t do it, someone else will and these young people may lose time and money, for nothing. For me, the bad thing is not that they will lose time and money, the most pessimistic option is that they will lose their confidence about themselves, just because they tried multiple times in the wrong path. Negative self-talk is that last thing we want for them.

On the other hand, puberty is a very challenging period for the relationship between parents and their kids. The last thing you want as a parent is to overwhelm your child while he or she suffers from both external and internal conditions that stress them every day. This is a boom!

What you need to help your child reach their goal as a teenage entrepreneur is a positive motivation. This is how we can get teenagers’ attention and not only have the results we want but also build a strong relationship with them.

Hollywood always gets the message of the future needs in our global society and brings the subject on the table. They know what we need before we know it, so they have been prepared with a brilliant list of great motivational and best entrepreneur movies for young entrepreneurs.

Remember: How we spend our free time gives us the tools to survive in this era of change. This is what gives us quality as personalities and gives us the wings to believe in our minds. The most quality time in our lives is the time spent with our kids making them believe in themselves. These are the real bricks they need to build their future. So, take a pencil and a notebook and highlight the following entrepreneur movies list, after you have written it down in your priority “to do” page.

1. Boiler Room

The movie tells the story of Seth, a 19-year-old boy who runs an illegal Casino within the bounds of his own place. When his Dad, who happens to be a judge, found out about it, balked him out. Somehow, he managed to nail a job at the brokerage firm. He made millions of dollars sitting in the “BOILER ROOM” and doing cold calls to a list of unknown clients.

What to discuss with your kid after the movie?

• Don’t give up even the odds aren’t with your side. Difficulties form your future character, use them as bricks to step on.

• Never get disappointed. The success comes just before you are about to quit.

• Convince your family about your business. You need people to admire you and give you the courage you need. The first thing to believe in ourselves is the people we love to do the same.

2. Pirates of the Silicon Valley

On the top of the list of best entrepreneur movies for teen entrepreneurs is Pirates of The Silicon Valley.

The movie tackles the famous rivalry of the companies Apple and Microsoft. It shows how both organizations run their companies. The whole movie covered all the aspects that is enough to boost up a teen entrepreneur.

What to discuss with your kid after the movie?

• The importance of being firm and persistence in your business.

• The fact that life is full of taking risks and that this is all its joy. It is a mistake to avoid risks. That is how we are raised and this is the wrong perception.

• Being generous to loyal friends and stay connected is what gives quality as a person and rewards you generally in life. Never skip this step.

• Keep an eye on your competitor.

• Never let your family intervention in the business.

3. Catch Me If You Can

Leonardo DiCaprio plays the role of Frank Abagnale, a teenage boy, who was gifted with the skill of convincing. The movie shows how he was able to collect millions of dollars by duping people, forging checks by pretending to be a lawyer, a doctor, and an airline pilot. The entire movie depicted how he took risks and earned great money out of it.

To be honest, I put this movie on this list not only for the movie but also for the model of Leonardo DiCaprio. Get your child to know this crazy guy that has hacked the globe. Get your child to know what this guy has generally accomplished in life, what is his mindset and show him the right people to admire. In this movie, he is a boy with blood like lava and this is what we generally need for our young people. Young motivated humans with kindness and knowledge. As we mentioned before those two are nothing alone.

What to discuss with your child after the movie?

• Cheat is fair in business. Yes, it is.

• Be sharp and committed to your soul.

• Take Risks.

If your child wants to watch this entrepreneur movies list with your company that’s great! If not, do not get discouraged. Discuss what he or she liked about it at some time of the day, what his opinion is about the movie, the points where he disagrees or has a different opinion. Get involved with the procedure, be part of it. This is how you show that you support your child and you love to hear and learn about his thoughts.

Personally, I love teenagers nowadays. They have sharp minds and all the entrepreneurship apps they need to work with. You can find responsible teens with great management skills and clever business ideas that work as a teen entrepreneur elevator pitch for them to start their own small business. They have an opinion and they have as much knowledge as their age allows them to have. And this is huge! They need to be the generation that brings the upside down, in this messed up world they have inherited. It is vital for them to be self-aware and independent thinkers. They need to question absolutely everything and throw whatever doesn’t serve their soul and personality.

This is what true success is and you, as a parent you, need to be brave to embrace it. I don’t say this is easy as putting cheese on your spaghetti, I say this is what we need to do.

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