Trapped In A Habit?

Hello there, Alex here again.

What do I wanna talk to you about right now is a word called habit. What is a habit? Well, a habit is any action that you perform regularly as part of your routine can be called a habit.

See, by the time it becomes a habit, it’s automatic. That means we do it sometimes without thinkin’ about it, okay? So you say to yourself, well, how do I develop a habit?

Well, first of all, sometimes it becomes second nature. Like, for example, walking, okay? When you were little, you didn’t have to think about, well, I’m gonna walk, okay? You were crawling on the ground, you saw these big people walking, and then all of a sudden you just kinda tried. Eventually, you developed the habit of walking. Those are some of my thoughts about habit.

So if you wanna develop some new habits, figure out what is it that you need to substitute for the bad habit, and then you can succeed.

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