I wanna talk to you about one of my favorite subjects today. Well it’s a very strong, powerful word. It’s called discipline.

What is discipline?

If you look up in the dictionary, it talks about self control and the ability to control your actions and your words and all that kinda stuff. But let me tell you what I think when I think about discipline.

Discipline to me is doing the things that you don’t wanna do and doing it anyways and doing it when nobody’s looking. To me that’s real discipline. However, you can learn discipline. And you know how you learn discipline?

You discipline yourself on the little things. Do little things continually that you don’t necessarily wanna do and do it anyways and then you develop the discipline to do the big things.

So good luck, develop some good discipline and then you can succeed because you’re going to focus in on your goals and you’ll develop that discipline to continue doing all the actions that it takes for you to be a success.

See you soon.

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