What is a Bucket List for Teens

You will never be younger than you are today, this moment. And as a teen, you can decide right now to live your life with meaning and impact, not just “Snap Chat” or “Facebook” it away.

So, how can you do that and have fun at the same time? Well, a bucket list, of course!

What Is a Bucket List for Teens?

It’s your list of dreams, goals, and ambitions that you haven’t accomplished yet but you want to complete in your lifetime. They can be meaningful or frivolous, serious or lighthearted, adventurous or dull (to others, anyway!), slightly selfish or completely self-less. They can take one day or ten years to complete. Some items feed a fire in your belly and some items nurture your peaceful soul. Put items on your list that you will NOT complete by the time you’re 20. You’re a teen, and you’re learning a lifestyle here, creating lifelong habits. Go for it!

What is important in selecting your bucket list for teens idea? First, always make sure to consult your parents or guardians before you commit to a bucket list item. And second, if you can answer “yes” to the following questions, you’re off to a good start:

• Do you really want to do it (no bullying or peer pressure allowed; this is YOUR list)

• Does it stretch you as a person, challenge you, encourage you to grow? And yes, doing something you are afraid of will help you grow.

• Does it support your values? By the way, adventure and fun are values.

• Is it legal, moral and ethical? Enough said.

Do you want to eat a bug? I don’t, personally, but if you do, put it on your list! Do you want to bake a cake? Awesome. Do you want to build an online business idea? Excellent. Do you want to travel to Spain? No? That’s just fine. You may have a friend who dreams of traveling to Spain, but you’d rather not. In this case, do NOT put it on your bucket list. Remember, this is your list, things you want to do! As I said, there is no room for peer pressure on the bucket list for teens.

Some Bucket List for Teens Ideas to Get You Started

Okay, ready? And remember – have fun!!

• Try something new, like a food you have never eaten (that bug thing again, or an exotic vegetable)

• Take a road trip

• Bake a cake

• Learn a foreign language

• Take a class that scares you a bit (not a science person? Now is your time.)

• Try a craft project

• Do a DIY project (and not for a school project, either – do it “just because”)

• Visit a foreign country

• Volunteer at an animal rescue or food/clothes pantry

• Get a job

• Start an online business idea for beginners

• Take care of the family for an evening so your parents can go on a Date Night

• Interview someone you admire –like an entrepreneur, a civic leader, a celebrity

• Invent something

• Go “tech-less” for a week (you will survive)

• Visit a museum you have never seen before

• Seethe Cherry Blossoms in D.C.! This is your nation’s capital; many adults life their entire life and never do this.

• Spend one hour in nature…in silence

• Visit a neighbor who doesn’t have a lot of visitors, take him/her a gift (a cake you baked)

• Go to House of Worship one day a week for a month (you will survive)

• Write a letter to yourself that you will open in 20 or 30 years; include your goals

Add the items you want to get going! What will your list look like?

Your Success Is Your Choice

At Risepreneur. We believe that for you to achieve all you want to in life, you must be physically and mentally healthy. However, being healthy does not just happen. You must choose to do activities that support your own health and well-being, such as eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, having a hobby, and letting go of stress. You must schedule these into your day just like you plan time for friends, work, learning and helping others.

By taking care of your body and your mental health, you are taking care of your success. It’s a foundational move. It’s your choice.

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