What is Growth Mindset for Students?

There are many things to consider so seeds can grow to plants. For instance, the soil affects the growth of seeds. It also depends upon the nutrition they get naturally. However, much of its growth rests upon the plantsman.

It is the same with children. All of them are capable of growing like seeds. In fact, you cannot stop a kid to grow. As they age, you can see the changes in their bodies and in the way they act. Another thing is how they perceive things changes over time.

Parents are the first models of children. Eventually, they see situations from different angles as they encounter people. In school, they learn that there are other people aside from their family. As they progress, they realize that achievement is not just about being able to read. It is also about understanding what they read.

From Seed to Plant: What is Growth Mindset for Students?

Mindset is one of the greatest factors affecting people’s motivations. A positive mindset leads to a striving person. A negative mindset results in a disheartened one. One of the most famous ones is the growth mindset.

What is a growth mindset? Growth mindset is a belief in the development of intelligence, skills, abilities, and performance. In addition, it is having the perception that a person is not stagnant. It is not about the status quo but about, “What else to learn?”

When a child has this mindset, he becomes more open to opportunities. Aside from that, he bounces back from his failures. Having this mindset helps kids exert more effort even during stressful situations.

Here are some of the ways to develop a growth mindset just like a seed:

Soil: Where the kid is planted

The first people who will affect a child’s mindset is his parents. This means they have big roles in the development of a growth mindset. Here are some of the ways for parents to cultivate this mindset:

  • Embrace the growth mindset

You cannot teach something you do not know. You cannot force your child to be positive if you are not. That is why it is important to change your mindset first. If you are born with a negative mindset, try to change it by believing that growth knows no age.
It might seem hard given that you have priorities. However, the key is to ask for support from your partner of friends so you can realize the positive things about your life. This will take some time but always remember that growth is continuous. Once you accept that you are not stagnant, you will make your child grow with a positive mind.

  • Turn failures to learning opportunities

You know that along the way, your child will face different kinds of obstacles. What is important is for you to provide encouragements. Of course, you know how to turn a failure into an opportunity. Even so, let your kid give a thought on his mistakes and discover the ways to use them to succeed. Ask them their plans without insisting on your own. Help your child realize that giving up is not an option.

  • Reward your children

Rewards can be through words or gifts. Every once in a while, check on your children and praise him for his efforts. Young adults appreciate being seen and cared for. Through this, your child realized that even though life is tough, you are there to support him.

You can also give gifts to your child. In this way, he will be more motivated to achieve his goals. Make sure that your gifts are useful for his growth.

Sunlight: What the child gains from school

Another important thing for the growth of students is the educational system they are in. The teachers are the second parents of every student. This means that they also have a part in the growth mindset development.

What is growth mindset in education? Well, this is a belief that students can be experts if they have the necessary support they need. It is knowing that all students can learn even at high levels of education. Teachers challenge students to discover their potentials through activities that promote persistence and patience.

It is possible to develop this mindset in school by exposing students to tasks and projects that might teach them excellence. Through this, they can also learn how to build relationships with their teammates.

Water: Who are the people surrounding your teen

It is also important for you to make your child realize to be with people who will lift him up. Of course, you cannot force him to be with the people he does not want to be with. However, you can always give him advice as to what he should consider in choosing his peers.

Help him understand that he should be with people who will motivate him to become a better person. In addition, someone who will not leave him even during tough times is also great for him. Let him know that trust is important in building a relationship with a friend.

The Story of Mo’s Bows

Moziah “Mo” Bridges is one of the examples of children who have manifested the growth mindset. He started knowing how to sew fabric through her grandmother. Now, he has crafted different bows for all ages.

Instead of accepting an offer of investment, Moziah chose a free mentorship offer from Daymond John. He is now a 16-year old entrepreneur who has a partnership deal with the NBA with his mother. The growth does not stop there because Moziah has a long-term goal of having a career in fashion design.

Seed: Growth Mindset Within

Just like Moziah, the decision to grow still lies within the minds of every young adult. As a parent, your role is to make children realize things without forcing them to immediately accept and adopt the growth mindset. Allow your teens to understand what is in it for them when they focus on always improving.

Continuously ensure that just like seeds, they receive the nutrition required for them to bloom and succeed. Even though there are times of challenges and hardships, the most significant thing is their desire to continue.

Your teenager is capable of learning and succeeding. The only time they will fail is when they stopped trying or when you stopped them from doing more.

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